Top 10 Elementary Warm-ups
  • Cute Hand-drawn Phonics Chart (A-Z) A bright and cute hand-drawn phonics sheet covering the letters of the alphabet.
  • English Conversation Board Game A bright and colorful board game focused on getting students to converse in English.
  • Drawing Dash You show 'drawers' a secret flashcard. They draw it, and their team guesses. How many can they guess in one minute?
  • Small Talk A dialogue modeled by the ALT and HRT or JTE and then mimicked by the students
  • Country Matching Card Game and Quiz This is a powerpoint quiz meant as a lead in for a concentration style card game.
  • ABC and abc Window Game The students pick which windows to open and try to guess the hidden letter
  • Hot Potato Students pass an object around while listening to music. When the music stops, the student holding the object says a target vocabulary.
  • Who am I? Quiz A three-hint-quiz type of game where students have to guess the character being described. Perfect activity for We Can! 2 Unit 3 "He is Famous. She is great."
  • Portrait (Funny Drawing Activity) This activity can be used as a practice for "How many ~?" lesson. Students have a good laugh at their final outputs. Activity can be done by pair or small groups.
  • STORY TIME Three powerpoint stories for very young classes
Top 10 Junior High Warm-ups
Newest Warm-ups
Can you job hunt?

A speaking based, find your partner activity practicing "Can you~?"

Can I play Janken?

Students try to get bingo by asking for favors/permission using `Can you/Can I...` questions.

Can I use your Battleship?

Can I use your battleship? Let students practice many "Can I use your..." sentences and have fun playing the classic Battleship game.

What time do you get up?

A matching game where students walk around the classroom and find the person with the matching card.

Get it

Students listen for their card to be called and rush to collect toys.

Spot the Dog

Powerpoint for practicing up, down, left and right

Which is taller? Comparatives quiz

A quiz using comparatives. Warm up activity.

Follow the instructions

This is a warmup exercise to get the students moving and thinking about English.

Pronunciation tree Th and Z

A short warmup activity for students to practice listening to difficult sounds.

Pronunciation tree S and TH

A short warmup activity for students to practice listening to difficult sounds.

Review - A winner never quits

A quick and simple warm up/ review activity for New Crown, page 8 (A winner never quits)

Flashcard Police

An engaging strategy for practicing tedious memorization. As an alternative to the “read-and-repeat”, it works best with younger students but can be altered for older students.


A game in which the teacher says a word or phrase and students race to slap the correct card.

Scrabble Time Bomb

A timer is started and students race to write words on the chalkboard and not to be the student holding the chalk when the timer sounds.

Quick Draw

Students race to be the first person to 'shoot' their opponent's card in order to steal it.

Karuta: Alternative

Different ways of playing karuta games

Alphabet Madness

An activity to motivate students to write the alphabet faster.

English Tongue Twisters!

This is a worksheet I made for my JHS 2nd years to have fun with English tongue twisters while still focusing on important sounds.

Behind My Back

With their back to the class, students try to guess who is speaking.

Pyramid Game

Students have to think of English words, phrases and sentences in order to help other students understand the mystery word.