Jake W

Home country: USA

Location: Nagano

User bio: I've taught Junior High in Japan for about 6 years. I hope you can find some good activities!

This user's activities:
Jake's Snakes and Ladders This a simple Snakes and Ladders game I made for one of my special needs classes. 0
My JHS highlights Students reflect back on their years in junior high school and share their memories with their classmates. 0
Where should Naomi Osaka choose? Students discuss whether Naomi Osaka should choose to become a Japanese or American citizen. 0
Media Diet Students read an article and talk about their media consumption habits. 0
Thirty-six Students review recent vocabulary by quizzing each other. 0
Pitch your business Students come up with a business idea and compete to see who will get funding. 0
Comparative student search Students practice comparative grammar by stacking themselves up against their classmates. 0
Do you have ESP? Students test their classmates' powers of perception by drawing hidden shapes. 0
Superlative survey Students practice superlatives (-est only) by asking each other about people they know. 0
The Best and Worst of Winter Vacation Students practice the superlatives "best" and "worst" by giving their opinions on winter vacation. 0
New Year's Resolutions Students write goals for the new year and ask their friends about their goals. 0
What do you want to do for winter vacation? Students practice the Infinitive verb form by asking each other what they want to do in winter vacation. 0
The boy sleeping on his desk is... Students try to identify the students of a class full of slackers by listening or reading to descriptions. 0
Something to do for the holidays Students practice the "something to ______" grammar pattern by giving each other advice. 0
Passive - Guess the food Students practice the passive verb form by quizzing each other about food. 0
Letters to Santa Students practice writing by reflecting on the year, remembering their good deeds, and asking Santa for presents. 0
If points Students practice "if" by coming up with conditions and rolling dice to earn or lose points. 0
I know a person who likes... Students practice relative pronouns by guessing which classmate their partner is talking about. 0
Passive Guessing Students practice the passive verb form by playing an information gap guessing game. 0
The Least Popular Things Students practice "too" by talking about things they dislike. 0