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May I Give You A Bomb? A quick activity to teach the "May I" grammar point and wake up the students. 0
Will You Get A Card? Students ask fun / silly requests to try to get the most cards. 0
Jump The ALT says a number and the students must jump that many times. 0
Dr Doctor Students play a doctor/patient game, naming the body part where they are hurt, and bandaging it with toilet paper. Works well with teaching about body parts and feelings. 0
What's In My Pockets? This game isn't rocket science. Students try to guess the objects in your pockets. 0
Ichiro Activity A short reading comprehension activity about Ichiro. 0
What Do You Know? Students will use decks of cards and dice to form crazy sentences about what they do and don't know how to do. 0
Have To Crazy Inspiration from the MAD magazine board game, Janken winners have to do various things according to what the losers tell them. Students have to do the crazy thing to get the signature. 0
Preppy Shapes A fun point-based competition between groups aimed at reviewing the students' knowledge of shapes and prepositions. 0
Cut Out Caterpillar This is a task based activity which practices the days of the week. It involves the students making a picture of a caterpillar by colouring, cutting and gluing the pieces. 0
J-Style Fast Food Students practice eating at a Japanese-style fast food restaurant. 0
I Doubt It Similar to the game Bull$hit, students use a deck of cards to ask each other how many of a certain card they have. 0
What Janken Students rotate partners, play janken, interview each other and embrace their artistic skills. 0
T-Puzzle A four Parts of Learning activity that can be used to review any grammar point for any grade. 0
Number Slaps Students practice saying numbers 1 to 13 in a card game. 0
I Was Alibi Searching Whole class mingles asking and answering questions to find two mystery criminals. 0
Time Q&A Students ask each other questions relating to what time they do something (get up, eat breakfast, go to school, etc). Chopsticks are used to keep score. 0
Does/Doesn't Quiz Students secretly choose one character and then interview their friends to find out their choice. 0
What Is This Used For? A memory matching card game. 0
Inventions A fun and creative project for OC Elective classes. 0