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Passive Picture Guess Students race to explain the pictures using the grammar point. 0
Can You Job Hunt? A speaking based, find your partner activity practicing "Can you ~?" 0
Typhoon Students answer various English questions in hopes to choose a square from a grid and receive points while trying to avoid the evil typhoon squares. 0
Shredded Fables Students work in groups to try to piece together short classic fables. 0
Who Is Your Classmate Students fill out a worksheet about themselves, and then do an activity where they try to guess who their friends are based upon the hints they wrote on their worksheets. 0
Up And Down Students play a Snake & Ladders type of game while practicing present continuous form and also the past tense singular/plural forms. 0
Sentaku Poetry This lesson teaches the students the basics of how to write two types of poetry—acrostic and persona. 0
Finger Twister Students practice the days of the week by playing Twister using their fingers. 0
Grabbing Guess Students guess how many objects you have in your hand or a box. 1
Sengoku Jidai PPT A version of Sengoku Jidai made in Powerpoint. Instead of answers starting with the same letter as the prefecture, it has questions relating to the prefecture itself. 0
Make A Face Students connect numbers to the correct phrases and finally to the appropriate pictures. 0
'Be' Verb Fruit Basket Students play the Japanese favorite Fruit Basket game using the verb 'to be'. 0
Secret Sentence Students must use their powers of deduction to guess the hidden sentence on the board. 0
Spongy Intros The aim of this worksheet is to help 1st graders practice self-introductions and understand its format structure. 0
How To Get Around School This lesson should be used as a review activity AFTER the students already know how to ask and express directions. 0
Is There Any Milk? This is an activity to practice using countable and non-countable nouns. 0
Whose ~ is it? Students listen to the ALT and JTE's conversation using possessive grammar and write what they heard. 0
Actionnaire Students practice saying prepositional sentences and watch them come true right in front of their eyes. 0
Trip Diary Students write about their class trips. 0
Janken, Change, Retire Students work in pairs to answer two questions in order for their pair to retire from the game. 0