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Location: Uonuma-shi, Niigata-Ken

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We call it ZOMBIE ATTACK A fun powerpoint game for practicing 'We call something something' 0
What do you like Janken Race Short Pair Game 0
Age Guessing Game three choice quiz to practice 21-1000 0
Let's Do Don't Challenge A powerpoint game to practice the imperative and 'let's' for 1st year junior high students 0
Odd One Out 'Is' and 'Are' basic practice Practice for 1st year junior high studying 'He is' and 'They are' 0
Zoo Building Practice plural verbs with this simple mingler 0
Under the Sea A poster with lots of fish to practice 'how many do you see?' 2
Memory Book A powerpoint activity for practicing 'how many' and plural forms. 0
Have to SIGN GAME A very basic 'me too' mingler. 0
Canadian School Life Practice 'have to' 'don't have to' and 'must not' with a powerpoint quiz about school life in Canada. 0
My Town Lesson Plan Practice 'there is' and 'there are' with three linked activities. 0
Hidden Numbers Challenge Find the hidden numbers and practice speaking them. 0
Are you SIGN Game Simple mingler activity 0
Tsum Tsum My Summer Vacation Materials for Elementary School 'You Can' My Summer Vacation Lesson 0
EXPERIENCES Students have short conversations with teachers 0
Have you found your match yet A mingler looking for 'me too' answers 0
Top Dog A write and race activity for present perfect 0
Strange Pirates A mingler version of battle ship 0
HERO PUNCH Ogasawara Islands Review Game An adaptable Power Point Inspired by a New Crown 2nd Year Reading 0
What do you think This is a variation on another activity here 0