Home country: Canada

Location: Uonuma-shi, Niigata-Ken

User bio: Long time ALT

This user's activities:
Able to Write and Race They work in pairs or groups to answer the questions 0
Save the Ducks and Survivor Game For practicing 'I know him' and 'I don't know them' 0
The Price is Right 3 choice quiz loosely based on the TV show. 0
Vocabulary Builder Point Game 1st year Junior High Activity aimed at the New Crown 1 textbook. 0
Gang War Battle Game A powerpoint game useful for review. 2
Space Invaders Feud A group quiz game based on the American Family Feud 0
Where is it possible Quiz Short powerpoint quiz to use as a warm up for 'It's important for us to...' 0
Canadian Restaurant Battle Game A powerpoint battle game you can use to review most language targets 0
Monster Dash An Almost Mario Kart style activity for Halloween 1
Halloween Quizes These are the 3 choice Halloween quizes I use in junior high and elementary 1
Forest Creatures A poster to practice 'How many animals do you see?' 0
Occupations Relative Pronouns Karuta and Stuff Practice the 'who' relative pronoun 0
Cat Fun Time A powerpoint point getting game that can be used with various lessons 0
Mixed Up Sentences for Reduced Relative Pronouns Challenging sentences to rearrange 0
What would you like? Chain Game and Write and Race Two activities to practice 'Would you like?' 0
Chubacabra Game A point get powerpoint game to practice 'Its too~to~' infinitive sentences. Made for New Crown 3 Dolphin's Tale Reading. 1
New Crown 3 Use Read Brazil GAME A presentation and writing game for the 3 pages about Brazil in New Crown book 3 0
Infinitive WRITE and RACE worksheets Group activities to practice 'I want to be...' and 'I have something to...' 0
ROAD RACE Almost Mario Kart generic animal car races 0
Buddy Chain Game Short interview style game to practice 3rd person verb questions 0