Home country: Canada

Location: Uonuma-shi, Niigata-Ken

User bio: Long time ALT

This user's activities:
TV Recommendations Practice days of the week with a write and race activity. 0
Time Zones Guess what time it is in various places around the world. 0
Cross it Out A quick activity useful for practicing simple questions and answers. I usually use it for 'What's this?' 0
Silhouette Quiz Three variations. One quiz with three hints and random points, a second quiz with just silhouettes and a third quiz with people 0
Drawing Challenge A short activity for practicing simple be verb sentences 0
Fun Fruits A group based point getting game. It works well as a write and race type activitiy. 0
Town Directions A map of a town with a worksheet. 0
Train Travel Directions Activities Quizzes, maps and worksheets to be used for giving train directions. 0
SPACE WAR A group power point game good for reviewing many lesson points. 0
Kyoto Invasion A power point game that can be adapted to many lesson points 0
ALT and JTE Interview Students think of 'Do you like' questions to ask the teachers and fill in the worksheet. 0
Canada Quizzes Three choice quizzes I use when first start at schools. Might be useful for other ALTs from Canada. 0
Uno Like Card Games A speaking activity based on the Uno Card Game. The same deck can also be used to play Go Fish 1
Matching Animals Memory Game Students make sentences using the pictures on the cards to try and match the hidden animals. 0
GO FISH Great flexible card game 0
ROBOTS ATTACK THE TOWN If it looks like ROBOTS ATTACK THE WORLD. That's because it pretty much is. 0
FILL IN THE BLANKS QUIZ (infinitive and gerunds) A group quiz game to practice infinitive statements and gerunds 0
MINGLER QUESTIONS A simple activity useful for communicating and reviewing target language. 0
ZOMBIE ATTACK powerpoint Game This is a colorful powerpoint game along with a sign game and some follow up writing I often use with it. 1
Country Matching Card Game and Quiz This is a powerpoint quiz meant as a lead in for a concentration style card game. 0