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This user's activities:
Infinitive WRITE and RACE worksheets Group activities to practice 'I want to be...' and 'I have something to...' 0
ROAD RACE Almost Mario Kart generic animal car races 0
Buddy Chain Game Short interview style game to practice 3rd person verb questions 0
Tsum Tsum Surprise A writing activity for groups 0
May I Take a Picture with You? A write and race activity and a dialogue making activity. 0
Power Point for Presentations A template for kids to use power point in their presentations. 0
Uluru Game 2nd Year New Crown Use Read Review Game 0
Circus Game NEW CROWN 3 Use Read 5 A group game to answer questions based on the lesson 5 lets read 'brazil' 0
Totally Awesome Quiz for Relative Pronouns This is an introduction to relative pronouns followed by a subject. 'This is the dog that my sister loves very much' 0
Hello Kitty Fun Time Game A powerpoint activity that can be adapted to assorted lesson points. Good for review. 0
PAST and REACTION BOARD GAME A short small talk boardgame to practice simple past sentences and reactions. 0
Would You Write a Message for Me / Shopping is Fun A mingler to introduce 'Would You...?' requests and a pair shopping activity 0
Synergy Collecting It's important for us to do things practice activities 0
Small Talk Board Game A basic boardgame to practice making questions 0
I Will Give Her The World Two activities for practicing 'I will give her something' 0
May I Write and Race A write and race activity to practice 'May I' Questions 0
They Look Happy Materials A few activities to practice the copula verb 0
WHERE or WHEN Activities Three activities to practice where or when with simple verbs 0
His or Hers Chain Game Chain game to practice possessive pronouns 0
Whose hat is this? A powerpoint quiz to practice possessive pronouns 0