Junior High School

School Level

Description: Aimed at junior high school students.

Top 5 activities
  • Super Mario Christmas Blast A fun Christmas Mario-themed quiz game, where teams battle each other in a test of knowledge! Built off the original Super Mario Typhoon by Alexander Grant. 6
  • Code Breakers ALT reads a series of numbers and students must convert them to letters to figure out the secret word. 5
  • Christmas Blast Power Point Game This is a template that I made that can be filled in to make a review game for almost anything. Since the questions are able to be customized, this power point can work at any level. 4
  • Almost Pokemon Battle Game This is a write and race activity the students play in groups. 3
  • Are you From DokoDoko? Students ask each other "Are you...?" questions and collect signatures. 3
Recent activities
Day At The Zoo

This is a classic logic puzzle. The students must read and understand the relative pronoun sentences in order to solve the puzzle.

You Have

Get students predicting and practicing "you have" in this rhythmical one-on-one game.

English Diary

This diary gives students an opportunity to write in English freely.

Adjective Name Game

A fun game to learn the names of your students while having students learn new adjectives!

Get It Wrong To Win

Students must answer the questions wrong (but grammatically correct) to win!

Animals from Around the World

A sleek and simple cultural presentation showing off various animals that are unique to (or native to) specific countries around the world.

This/That Memory

Students use a memory card game to practice Demonstrative Pronouns (this/that).

Kaiten Sushi

Students pass around pictures of sushi with music playing. Whoever is holding sushi when the music stops has to write a sentence.

Where Is Oguri?

This is an information gap exercise where pairs of students ask each other the question, "Where is....?"

T & T

"T & T" stands for Tsunami and Typhoon, and it is a great review activity for any level students. The rules are easy and the game is as fun as the teachers and students make it.

How do you go to _____ survey

Students practice "I go to ~ by ~" through a quick survey of their classmates.

My Crazy Family

This information gap activity is fairly self-explanatory. Students work in pairs to complete the worksheet.

Are you SIGN Game

Simple mingler activity

Foods from Around the World

A sleek and simple cultural presentation showing off traditional and famous foods from countries around the world.

Better/Best ( Splatoon Splatfest )

Which do you like better? Do you like it the best of all ~?


Students have short conversations with teachers

Have you found your match yet

A mingler looking for 'me too' answers

Top Dog

A write and race activity for present perfect

Strange Pirates

A mingler version of battle ship

HERO PUNCH Ogasawara Islands Review Game

An adaptable Power Point Inspired by a New Crown 2nd Year Reading


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