Days of the Week


Description: Practices pronunciation or spelling of the days of the week. (Sunday, Monday...)

Top 5 activities
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Finger Twister

Students practice the days of the week by playing Twister using their fingers.

Flash Card Telepathy Game

I usually use this to practice school subjects and week days

Schedule Tic-Tac-Toe

Using the classic game, kids practice school subjects, days of the week, and using both in the context of a sentence.

We Will Rock You

A rhythm game to practice days of the week.

Discovery Chance

Students (in 2-person teams) take their chances to discover their opponents’ hidden spots while they’re using the appropriate target language of the day.

Cut Out Caterpillar

This is a task based activity which practices the days of the week. It involves the students making a picture of a caterpillar by colouring, cutting and gluing the pieces.

When Do You Have Plans?

Students invite each other to do things and write about their friends' plans in this speaking, listening, and writing activity.

Slap My Hand

Students practice saying the months or days while trying to stay in the game.

Week Time Race

Each student in turn says one day of the week in order. The class races to beat their time.

What Day Is It?

This is a simple fun game for practicing days of the week.

Weather Race

A speak and race activity. It could also be a writing activity.

Vocabulary Wars

This is a vocabulary battle that can be used with any small set of vocabulary. It is great for younger classes, but can work with any grade.

Are You Going To Match Up

Students mingle around, trying to find their matching partner while asking/answering "Are you going to..." questions.

Clothes Pin Dodgeball

Students who hit the other team with the ball try to guess the day of the week on their back.

Small Talk

A dialogue modeled by the ALT and HRT or JTE and then mimicked by the students

Days and Subjects Information Gathering

A mingler activity to practice days of the week and school subjects

Totally Awesome Subjects and Days Game

This uses a 5 x 5 game to practice days and subjects

TV Recommendations

Practice days of the week with a write and race activity.

My week

Students practice the days of the week by writing out their weekly schedules.


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