Elementary School

School Level

Description: Aimed at elementary school students.

Top 5 activities
  • Code Breakers ALT reads a series of numbers and students must convert them to letters to figure out the secret word. 9
  • Super Mario Christmas Blast A fun Christmas Mario-themed quiz game, where teams battle each other in a test of knowledge! Built off the original Super Mario Typhoon by Alexander Grant. 8
  • Hi, Friends 2! Review Board Game A bright and colorful boardgame that reviews the entirety of the Hi, Friends 2 textbook. 6
  • Cute Hand-drawn Phonics Chart (A-Z) A bright and cute hand-drawn phonics sheet covering the letters of the alphabet. 5
  • Foods from Around the World A sleek and simple cultural presentation showing off traditional and famous foods from countries around the world. 5
Recent activities
Yamanote Line

Students pound on their desks and while practicing various English target vocabulary.

Body Discovery

A row race where students attempt to fill in as many body parts on a stick figure, within five minutes, as possible.

Broom Ball

Students play imaginary baseball in the classroom without using bats, balls, or bases.

Thumb War

Students practice numbers 1-10 or 10-100 using Thumb War.

Original Juice

Students decide on a recipe, then go shopping for ingredients to make their very own Original Juice.

Luck Time

A dice game practicing time and numbers.


Students race to rebuild their rockets by correctly answering the AET's questions.

Famous Intros

Students match a famous person with the thing the famous person likes.

Haunted House Making

A fun activity for practicing Halloween vocabulary.

Country Race

Students race to find the spellings of each country and report it to their partner.

Alphabet Telephone

A variation on Telephone to practice writing the alphabet.


'Haetataki' means 'fly-swatter' in Japanese. This is a competitive game that forces students to listen carefully while practicing both telling time and numbers in general.

Code Breaker

Students listen to the ALT and use a code to convert numbers to letters. Then they have to compete to guess what word the letters spell.

We Will Rock You

A rhythm game to practice days of the week.

HAWD - How Are What Do

'HAWD' stands for "How Are What Do". Students take turns asking each other a variety of questions to get four-in-a-row on the blackboard grid, and score points for their team.

Connect A-B-C

Review the order of the alphabet with a simple but challenging activity.

Stereo Noise

The class listens to a group of students announce in unison what they want to be. The class must listen carefully to and try to decode each student's occupation.

Matsuko Deluxe Birthday

Students compete in rows to score points for being the first team to relay celebrity birthdays back to the ALT.

Popularity Contest

Students choose between various popular characters to slowly whittle down which is the most popular.

World Tour Game

Students practice the phrases "Where do you want to go?" and "I want to go to ~" in an exciting dice rolling game.

Balancing Act

Students try to balance the object on their body part while practicing the corresponding vocabulary.

Ping Pong Pang

Students play an adapted version of the popular drinking game (a point that should NOT be made in class).

Your Monkey?

In this game, students secretly draw pictures on cards and try to guess the artist of each card. Students learn to understand, ask, and respond to simple questions of ownership/possession.

Animal Coloring

Children color animals according to the ALT's instructions.

First Letter Phonics

Students play Karuta to help them understand the way letters work.

Eat See Visit

Students learn a little about other countries, their food and famous places through playing a modified version of shinkeisuijaku (pairs).

"How Many Apples?" Janken

Students will try to "collect" apples by playing janken and asking "How many apples?"

Pick a Side

Students move to the left or right side of the classroom depending on what they can or cannot do.

I Study English

Students will use trading cards to give their classmates three hint quizzes using "I study ~." Students who guess correctly get the card from their classmate.

Monkey Time

Teaches the hours (eg. one o'clock, two o'clock, etc.) and review numbers.

Shaped Animals

Animals made out of geometric shapes for practicing shapes and counting.

Christmas Quiz and Krampus Attacks

Three activities rolled up together.

Halloween Karuta

some cute Halloween-themed cards to use in class along with a complimentary vocabulary list of the cards.

Spot the Dog

Powerpoint for practicing up, down, left and right

Baker Street Station

Students listen to a conversation between the ALT and HRT and practice the keywords from Eigo Note Lesson 5. The lesson introduces 3 famous London stations.

Birthday Present Memory Game

"What do you want for your birthday?" Memory Game

Draw the Object

Students practice drawing pictures based upon the preposition given.

Discovery Chance

Students (in 2-person teams) take their chances to discover their opponents’ hidden spots while they’re using the appropriate target language of the day.

The Speed Game

Students count as fast as possible in this relay race.


In this match up activity, students try to match katakanized English with their real English spellings/words.


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