Japanese background

Cultural Background

Description: Activity assumes students are of a Japanese cultural background.

Top 5 activities
  • Christmas Blast Power Point Game This is a template that I made that can be filled in to make a review game for almost anything. Since the questions are able to be customized, this power point can work at any level. 4
  • Hugs And Kisses Students practice constructing sentences using two simple present tense verbs while playing a huge game of Tic-Tac-Toe. 2
  • Pronunciation Tree L and R A pronunciation tree warm up activity that lets students practice difficult sounds. 2
  • Do you know him/her? Peanuts Students learn about the characters in Peanuts and practice pronouns. 1
  • Pronunciation Tree - B and V A warm up activity that lets students practice the contrast between difficult sounds. 1
Recent activities
But Not Okinawa

Students test their knowledge of Japan's prefectures, minus Okinawa, and then practice asking about the location of the prefectures they don't know.

Have you ____ today? Present Perfect guessing

Students practice the present perfect with words like "already," "just," and "not yet" through a character guessing game.

Who am I? Quiz

A three-hint-quiz type of game where students have to guess the character being described. Perfect activity for We Can! 2 Unit 3 "He is Famous. She is great."

Doraemon Is My Brother

Students take a character card and roll a dice and say a sentence based on the outcome, e.g. "This is Godzilla, he is my dad."

Better/Best ( Splatoon Splatfest )

Which do you like better? Do you like it the best of all ~?

Hugs And Kisses

Students practice constructing sentences using two simple present tense verbs while playing a huge game of Tic-Tac-Toe.

Have You Ever Interview

Introducing the question, "Have you ever ~ ?" and having students interview each other.

Prefecture Quiz

Students listen to the ALT describing a Japanese prefecture and try to guess which one it is to get points. It's a review of English comprehension and general Japanese culture.

Do You Have A Game To Play?

A simple guessing game that has students asking the target grammar in its question form and writing it as a statement.


Two powerpoint stories for very young classes

TV Recommendations

Practice days of the week with a write and race activity.

Bingo Interview: Who/He/She

Students interview each other using "Who is he/she?" questions.

Calendar Otaku

Students are asked about the dates of various Japanese holidays and receive points for answering correctly.

Famous Infinitives

Students choose a famous star and, in pairs, ask each other questions to determine which star they have chosen.

Bingo Bongo

Students ask the ALT questions to try and get a Bingo or Bongo.

Does He Like Sushi?

Students interview three friends and try to guess which character they have chosen using "Does she/he...?" questions and a process of elimination.

Who is Sazae's brother?

Students race to find the correct Sazae-san family member based on questions asked by the ALT.

Who kidnapped Miki Ando?

Students translate Perfect Present sentences from Japanese to English in order to solve the mystery of who kidnapped Miki Ando.

Can You Kanji

Students ask other classmates if they can read unknown kanji characters.

The Man Wearing A Striped Shirt

Students must find Waldo/Wally and other people in the picture before other groups!


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