Question sentence

Sentence Type

Description: Are you hungry?

Top 5 activities
  • Are you From DokoDoko? Students ask each other "Are you...?" questions and collect signatures. 3
  • "How long have you...?" Bingo Students practice the question "How long have you ____?" by playing bingo with each other. 3
  • Class Paparazzi A very basic interviewing game in which students chase each other and ask basic "Are you~?" questions with "I am" answers while sporting tiny printed cameras. 2
  • English Conversation Board Game A bright and colorful board game focused on getting students to converse in English. 2
  • ALMOST MARIO KART Powerpoint Game The students work together as a team to answer the teachers question in fun class race. I added one for Passive Voice. 2
Recent activities
Fast Food Mc Norm

This is a fast food role play based on Total English 1's Talk Time 2 exercise.

Infinitive WRITE and RACE worksheets

Group activities to practice 'I want to be...' and 'I have something to...'

Buddy Chain Game

Short interview style game to practice 3rd person verb questions

May I Take a Picture with You?

A write and race activity and a dialogue making activity.

Circus Game NEW CROWN 3 Use Read 5

A group game to answer questions based on the lesson 5 lets read 'brazil'

Would You Write a Message for Me / Shopping is Fun

A mingler to introduce 'Would You...?' requests and a pair shopping activity

Will You Get A Card?

Students ask fun / silly requests to try to get the most cards.

What's In My Pockets?

This game isn't rocket science. Students try to guess the objects in your pockets.

What Janken

Students rotate partners, play janken, interview each other and embrace their artistic skills.

I Was Alibi Searching

Whole class mingles asking and answering questions to find two mystery criminals.

Time Q&A

Students ask each other questions relating to what time they do something (get up, eat breakfast, go to school, etc). Chopsticks are used to keep score.

Does/Doesn't Quiz

Students secretly choose one character and then interview their friends to find out their choice.

I Am Mr Tornado

A fast-paced game that gets students writing and saying sentences using the "be"-verb. They build houses, and pulling the Tornado card blows down (erases) all their houses!


Students pretend they are going through immigration in the U.S.

English Conversation Board Game

A bright and colorful board game focused on getting students to converse in English.

Busy Schedule

A simple Information gap activity where students ask partners questions using the future tense to find out what certain characters are doing when.

What Do You Want Trump

Students try to make pairs with a standard deck of cards by answering the question "What do you want?"

Do you _____? Board game.

Very exciting board game for 1st grade JHS.

At The Restaurant

Students play the role of waiter or customer in a restaurant.

Is There Sumo In America?

Students play a true or false guessing game about America while using "there is/are."


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