Affirmative sentence

Sentence Type

Description: You are hungry.

Top 5 activities
  • Hugs And Kisses Students practice constructing sentences using two simple present tense verbs while playing a huge game of Tic-Tac-Toe. 2
  • World Weird Festivals This activity can be a sort of quiz game for the students while practicing the "I think (that)... sentence pattern. Though it can be used with any other grammar lessons, like verb tenses. 2
  • He is a... / She is a... matching game. A quick and fun matching game designed to practice "He is a..." "She is a..." 2
  • The boy sleeping on his desk is... Students try to identify the students of a class full of slackers by listening or reading to descriptions. 1
  • Collaborative review of New Crown 1 This is a review of the first 40 pages of NC1. A collaborative lesson where all members of each group have a role. Students need to work together to complete the task. 1
Recent activities
Introducing Characters

Students mingle and exchange character cards whilst introducing the characters to their friends. The aim is to try to find out the relationship of as many characters as possible within 8 minutes.

It's About Christmas

A Christmas-themed worksheet activity where students learn Christmas vocabulary and create sentences with prepositional phrases.

Make a Monster

Students use present tense plural verbs to form sentences to describe an original monster.

Past Tense Dice Game

This is a board/dice game that practices the irregular and regular past tense verbs. Students make one sentence each time they land on a square.

Time And Weather

An information gap game where students ask each other the time and weather in different parts of the world.

You Decide T/F

The ALT reads 4 sentences and the students have to decide which sentence is false. In groups, students write their own sentences and the other students have to find the liar.

Drawing Comparatives "-ER~THAN"

Students draw three sets of two comparatives according to the descriptions under each. Adjustable for superlatives.

Past Tense Points

Students get into groups and try to come up with past tense sentences that will give them the most points.

Character's Clothes

Students see a small part of a character (a piece of clothing or body part). They guess which character the clothing/body part belongs to.

Schedule Tic-Tac-Toe

Using the classic game, kids practice school subjects, days of the week, and using both in the context of a sentence.

Uso Baseball

The students play a baseball-themed game where they describe themselves.

This Is A Game I Played

A simple speaking and listening Janken-focused sugoroku that has students say, "What's this?" "This is a ..." many times.

Famous People Introductions

A shiritori type game where students race to write sentences about famous people.

Hand Lines

Students discover their friends' future by reading the palm lines on their hands.

I'll Give You Game

Students pass around cards while saying "I'll give you ~." Those left holding the cards when the music stops are out!

Prepositions of Place

This game teaches the students to hear prepositions of place: on, above, below, in front of, etc. The students listen and try to draw an image of a room that is described by the ALT.

My Country Tis Of Thee

Students make their own country while practicing possessives.

Conditional Auction

Sentences are auctioned off to students and they must say if the sentence is grammatically correct.

Passive Beginnings

This information gap game is pretty self-explanatory.

Famous Intros

Students match a famous person with the thing the famous person likes.

Student Examples

Students answer questions about what other students are doing.

Infinitive Poster Quiz

Paired students answer a quiz by listening to hints and competing for points. Following this, they write long answers.

Give Away

Students scramble to try and give their tickets to friends based on the teacher's directions.

How Many Pencils Do You Have?

Students write "I have ~ pencils/erasers/etc" sentences. Then they ask each other "How many ~ do you have?" questions.

Do or Don't

Students practice the Imperative by completing a worksheet.

England Time

To find out what time it is in the nine countries listed.

I Think That (Q&A)

Students write their opinions on various people/things and then interview other students.

Can Fail Sentence Race

This activity has students making can/can't sentences using funny pictures that really emphasize the ability meaning of the can verb.

I Have Played Nintendo For 25 Years

Students write 3 true statements and 1 false statement about their lives using present perfect tense. Other students must guess which is the false statement.

Future Deductions

Students try to uncover their partner's secret animal based upon deductive reasoning using future tense questions.

Whose Introduction

Students fill out a worksheet about themselves. The class has to match the worksheet (likes/dislikes/activities) to the student.

Kantan Interview

Kantan means easy. Students interview two boys, girls and teachers to complete their questionnaire worksheet.

You Will Get Your Fortune

Students ask ALT and JTE for their fortunes by picking one out of three cards.

This/That Relay

Students race to make sentences using visual clues.

My Dream School

Students create their own school virtual school along with their dream rules.

Relative Pronoun Matching

A find your partner game where students use slips of paper to complete a relative sentence.

Memory Challenge

This activity has two parts: 1.) Students aim to remember a series of sentences, 2.) Students use the grammar and a constructed picture to describe a holiday scene to their class.

Horoscope Review

Students review first year grammar points by playing Janken and finding their horoscopes.

Stereo Noise

The class listens to a group of students announce in unison what they want to be. The class must listen carefully to and try to decode each student's occupation.

Washing His Face

Students practice using present progressive sentences and reviewing


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