Parts of Learning

Description: Students read in the activity.

Top 5 activities
  • Super Mario Christmas Blast A fun Christmas Mario-themed quiz game, where teams battle each other in a test of knowledge! Built off the original Super Mario Typhoon by Alexander Grant. 8
  • Hi, Friends 2! Review Board Game A bright and colorful boardgame that reviews the entirety of the Hi, Friends 2 textbook. 5
  • Are you From DokoDoko? Students ask each other "Are you...?" questions and collect signatures. 3
  • Fiddle Sticks Students draw a stick from a cup and say the English word. The student with the most sticks at the end of the game/ end of the time limit is the winner. 2
  • He is a... / She is a... matching game. A quick and fun matching game designed to practice "He is a..." "She is a..." 2
Recent activities
English Tongue Twisters!

This is a worksheet I made for my JHS 2nd years to have fun with English tongue twisters while still focusing on important sounds.

I have a dream Questions NEW CROWN 3

Write and Race for New Crown 3 Lesson 6 USE Read 'I have a dream'

Baker Street Station

Students listen to a conversation between the ALT and HRT and practice the keywords from Eigo Note Lesson 5. The lesson introduces 3 famous London stations.

Clock and Time Cards

Students try to find their pair by asking, "What time is it?" and answering, "It's ~~."

What's Popular?

Students interview their friends on what they enjoyed doing last night, write down their answers, and decide what activity is the most popular in their class.

Calendar King

Students use a calendar to work out the dates of Japanese holidays.

Draw the Object

Students practice drawing pictures based upon the preposition given.

World Travelers

Students interview each other at a school reunion to find out where they've been since graduation.

Hands Up

Students play Karuta while practicing pronouns.

Birthday Race

Students listen for birthdays and find who was born on that date.

Discovery Chance

Students (in 2-person teams) take their chances to discover their opponents’ hidden spots while they’re using the appropriate target language of the day.

We Call It "Sta-ba"

Students learn the nicknames of places and things and review what they know about Japan.

Double D

Double D stands for 'Devastating Demonstratives'. Students draw pictures based upon a secret demonstrative pronoun sentence and post them around the class.

Takuya Kimuras Best Friend

Students learn the usage of the past tense while investigating a Japanese musician from SMAP, Takuya Kimura.


In this match up activity, students try to match katakanized English with their real English spellings/words.

The Ogasawara Islands - Word search

This is a word search using the story about The Ogasawara Islands

Why-because Memory Game

Play memory as a class using "why" and "because".

New Crown 3 Use Read Brazil GAME

A presentation and writing game for the 3 pages about Brazil in New Crown book 3

Spelling Rules worksheet

The rules of English spelling explained in Japanese. (Worksheet)

Ichiro Activity

A short reading comprehension activity about Ichiro.

Have To Crazy

Inspiration from the MAD magazine board game, Janken winners have to do various things according to what the losers tell them. Students have to do the crazy thing to get the signature.


A four Parts of Learning activity that can be used to review any grammar point for any grade.

What Is This Used For?

A memory matching card game.

World Weird Festivals

This activity can be a sort of quiz game for the students while practicing the "I think (that)... sentence pattern. Though it can be used with any other grammar lessons, like verb tenses.

Shiritori Circle Battle

Students practice spelling by playing the game "Shiritori" and trying to find a word that can complete a cycle.

TV Is Interesting

This is a writing activity that introduces simple adjective statements while reviewing "What is ~?"

English Conversation Board Game

A bright and colorful board game focused on getting students to converse in English.

Directions Race

Students race to find all the places on the map. This is a first year friendly take on World Rally.

Mario Wants Luigi To

A translation exercise, listening exercise, and charades game practicing infinitives.

Visiting A Doctor

Students learn various doctor vocabulary and expressions by completing a crossword and creating a dialogue with their partner.

Agree Writing Practice

Students practice writing why or why not they agree with certain controversial statements.

Question Word Review

This activity is a question/answer review that reviews the following question words: when, where, who, whose, what, how and which.

Shopping Yesterday

Students read a short passage and answer the Past Tense questions.

Is There Sumo In America?

Students play a true or false guessing game about America while using "there is/are."

Fountain Of Youth

In teams, students try to piece a story together.

Search The Textbook

This is a review game for New Horizon 2's textbook. Students are given questions and they must find the answers in their textbooks

Will You Phone Convo

Students write sentences and plug them into the phone conversation dialog.

Go Fish

Students walk around playing Janken and asking for target vocabulary cards.

Sentence Making Relay

Students try to make passive sentences from sheets over paper located on the walls of the classroom.

Spontaneous Interviews

Students aim to complete the interview task using the grammar point.


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