Junior High School

In Japan, Junior High School consists of 3 grades. Students are usually between 12 and 15 years old. English is a full, required subject and consists of speaking, listening, reading, and writing practice. Much of the curriculum is designed around the grammar points and vocabulary used for school entrance exams.

Top 10 Activities
  • Code Breakers ALT reads a series of numbers and students must convert them to letters to figure out the secret word. 6
  • Super Mario Christmas Blast A fun Christmas Mario-themed quiz game, where teams battle each other in a test of knowledge! Built off the original Super Mario Typhoon by Alexander Grant. 6
  • Christmas Blast Power Point Game This is a template that I made that can be filled in to make a review game for almost anything. Since the questions are able to be customized, this power point can work at any level. 4
  • "How long have you...?" Bingo Students practice the question "How long have you ____?" by playing bingo with each other. 3
  • Almost Pokemon Battle Game This is a write and race activity the students play in groups. 3
  • Are you From DokoDoko? Students ask each other "Are you...?" questions and collect signatures. 3
  • Cute Hand-drawn Phonics Chart (A-Z) A bright and cute hand-drawn phonics sheet covering the letters of the alphabet. 3
  • Pronunciation Tree L and R A pronunciation tree warm up activity that lets students practice difficult sounds. 2
  • Corrections Help your students avoid and learn from common mistakes by having them correct sentences. 2
  • Class Paparazzi A very basic interviewing game in which students chase each other and ask basic "Are you~?" questions with "I am" answers while sporting tiny printed cameras. 2
Top warm-ups
All activities
Cute Hand-drawn Phonics Chart (A-Z)

A bright and cute hand-drawn phonics sheet covering the letters of the alphabet.


A write and race game to review New Crown Lesson Two. Works after they've done the Peter Rabbit story.

Exploding Sentences

Students draw cards from a Mystery Box and practice saying the target word and example sentence.

Blind Man's Bluff

Students wear "crowns" with picture/word flash cards on them and walk around trying to figure out what they are wearing.

In A Dark Room

Students close their eyes and imagine the story you tell them. Upon opening their eyes, they complete a worksheet based upon their imagination.

Monsters On Mt Fuji

Students work together to find out which monsters are going to blow up Mt. Fuji and try to capture them before anything bad happens.

English Makes Me Happy

Kids make groups of three and interview two friends by asking: "What makes you <adjective>?". Then, they introduce their friends to the class.

ABC Snakes And Ladders

Alphabet Snakes and Ladders helps students recognize the letters of the Alphabet, review colors, and learn the vocabulary that goes with each letter.

Sports and Their Verbs

A handy guide to show students why some sports use "play" and others don't. (No more "I play run"!)

Intro Survey

I use these worksheets for the first class of the year. One sheet is for first-year students (AKA students I've never had before), and the second one is for students I had the previous school year.

World Rally

Spice up that boring direction class with a little unadulterated racing goodness.

Don't Get Yes

Students ask present perfect questions while hoping not to get three strikes.

2 ABC card dash activities

Two ways to practice the alphabet with small cards.

Small Talk

A dialogue modeled by the ALT and HRT or JTE and then mimicked by the students

Was Eating Cookies

Students ask each other "What were you doing last night?" to find out who was eating the cookies last night.

How To Gucha

Students interview each other using "Do you know how to...?"


Students compete in rows to destroy magnetic castles and capture flags in a quiz style game.

Who's Doing What?

This three-part activity starts with students listening to a dialogue between the JTE and ALT. Then they play Bingo and finish off with a writing exercise.

Imagine If

Students imagine their JTE as a sport, a car, an actor any number of unusual and interesting things. Then, they guess which best describes the JTE.

Time Hunters

Students travel around game board collecting times on their cards for various daily routine verbs.