Junior High School

In Japan, Junior High School consists of 3 grades. Students are usually between 12 and 15 years old. English is a full, required subject and consists of speaking, listening, reading, and writing practice. Much of the curriculum is designed around the grammar points and vocabulary used for school entrance exams.

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Number spelling jumble

A worksheet to help students learn how to spell the numbers one through twenty.

What's wrong? I have a headache.

A fairly straightforward worksheet to be used in conjunction with Hew Horizon 1, pg 64.


Help your students avoid and learn from common mistakes by having them correct sentences.

What were you doing at ___ last night?

Students ask each other about what they were doing last night to practice past continuous grammar.

Class Rules

Students practice "must" and "must not" by thinking about the rules of various classes in English.

My Family's Rules

Students practice the modal verbs "must" or "have to" by writing about the rules of their household.

My school year memories

Students practice past tense by writing about their memories of the school year.

Plural Monsters

Students practice plurals (and the names of body parts) by drawing comical monsters.

Tragedy of War: The Life of Sadako Sasaki

A PPT to introduce the unit about WW2 and Sadako Sasaki ( NEW CROWN 3).

Dolphin Tale

A questionnaire about the film Dolphin Tale (New Crow 3 and New Horizon 2)

How Many Cats

Students are race to drawn the nouns given by teachers.

My Kanji of the Year

Students think of which kanji represents their experience in this calendar year and explain their choice in English.

Valentine Compliment Card

Students get into the spirit of Valentine's Day by writing compliments to each other.

Do you know him/her? Peanuts

Students learn about the characters in Peanuts and practice pronouns.

Animal guessing game - Can

Students quiz each other about animals using "can" sentences.

Plural noun spelling category guessing

Students try to intuit why some words in English end their plural form with -es.

Odd One Out

Students practice explaining reasons by quizzing each other with lists of four items - which one of them is the odd one out?

Could you tell me how to get to Shinjuku?

Giving direction at a train station. To be used with New Horizon 3, pg 68 (or a similar dialogue)

Would you like to... New Horizon 3, pg 44

An activity that goes with "Would you like to..." in New Horizon, page 44.

Plural nouns. e.g. I have four pens.

An activity that practices "How many notebooks do you have?" "I have three notebooks."