Junior High School

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Useful Japanese words

Students practice passive grammar by thinking of words that they want to teach to people learning Japanese.

What will you take on vacation?

Students practice the grammar pattern "want to" by choosing what they'll bring with them on a vacation.

Which Hoshi

Hoshi means want in Japanese. This is a relay game that has students asking and answering the question, "Which do you want, A or B?"

I call it...

Students practice the verb "call" by telling each other about the nicknames they use.

May I give you a bomb?

Students practice request sentences by trying to pass off a ticking time bomb.

Guess the teacher

Students practice relative pronouns by writing hints about teachers at their school.

What will you give your family for Christmas?

Students practice the grammar for "give" by thinking of what Christmas presents they would give to family members.

I'm thankful for...

Students explain why they're thankful for someone or something in their lives.

Comparative Class Survey

Students practice comparatives by asking their classmates to choose between two things.

Teacher birthday presents

Students think about what they would give teachers for their birthday.

Kings and Queens

Students practice imperative form by giving orders to their classmates.

Hidden Treasure

Students practice a new grammar pattern by playing this Battleship-style game.

Karuta Collection

A collection of 12 word files with different Karuta cards.

Flashcards Collection

16 word files separated by categories with many flashcards ready to be printed.

Whose classroom item is this?

Students practice "whose" by mixing up their classroom possessions and trying to find the original owner.

Follow the instructions

This is a warmup exercise to get the students moving and thinking about English.

Halloween Jeopardy

Jeopardy game to help your students learn about the ancient Halloween mysteries.

What do you think about drones?

Students read a short passage about drones and write their opinions on how they should be used.

When and where do you ...?

In this worksheet, students practice "when" and "where" by asking about each other's routines.

Does/Doesn't Guess-who quiz

Students guess the identity of other students using "does" questions.