My bucket list

talk about what you have done and what you want to do. 3rd grade activity. TEXTBOOK: Columbus 21 year 3

I created a power point quiz where the students must guess what activities I have done. Each slide contains 3 options, you can have the students raise their hands to indicate their answer to each question or write their answers on laminated white boards. after they have decided on their answer, reveal the correct answer. students can be rewarded points or stickers for each correct answer.
on the last slide of the power point I introduce the kids to the term ''bucket list'' briefly explain what it is and tell them what your bucket list is. I then give them the '' My present perfect bucket list '' worksheet. At the end of the activity you can select various students and have them share with the class some things they have done and some things from their bucket list that they would like to do.



p.15i have+present perfect.pptx

p.15 My present perfect+Bucket list.docx

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Estimated time: 20-30 minutes

Submitted by: bealesarkozy

July 05, 2020

OdafromTaijima July 13, 2020

(solved) I like your activities they sound fun. Can you please include what book/grade the activity is for in the description?

dorbo July 10, 2020

Very nicely done! It's good to throw in personal stuff, but........ That doesn't mean that every single lesson from every single teacher has to be chock full of it. Very nice lesson, good work!!

UonumaRobert July 06, 2020

Sure, and I liked it. I always think its great when we use your personal experiences in class. Students are often curious about us but often don't know how to ask about a lot of things. Its good to volunteer information like you're doing with this intro.. I use things about my family, myself and my hometown as intro points to lessons as well.

bealesarkozy July 06, 2020

It's completely depends on your style of teaching and what works for you. Time is also another fact. No teaching material is absolute and they are not immune to modification. My material is simply to give you an idea or a start to approaching a lesson.

UonumaRobert July 06, 2020

Good idea mixing 'have done' and 'want to'. If it were my slide show. After showing each answer I'd add a few extra pictures and talk a bit more about the experience. It's interesting for the students to hear stories about us and its good for listening comprehension.

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