Pokemon Evolution Was Were

Use different pokemon evolutions to have the students practice "was" and "were."


  • Pokemon slide show (provided or make your own)

How to Play

  1. First, show the title slide and ask the students what "Evolutions" means. Have the JTE help, but this is to get the students a little more excited.
  2. Show the example slide and ask the students what kind of sentences they can make using "was" or "were." The one they usually say first is "It was Pikachu, now it is Raichu." But, explain to them that they can make many other ones, such as "It was yellow, now it is Orange" or "It was cute, now it is cool (obviously subjective)."
  3. If the students in the class have already learned this grammar point well, you can try explain some more difficult sentences. For example, "Its tail was short, now its tail is long."
  4. Split the class into teams. In my experience, having each column of students be one team works pretty well. If the number of students in the columns are uneven, you could ask them to move desks to even it out as best as possible. The students can help the other members of their team, of course.
  5. Have the first row stand up. Explain to them that you want them to make sentences from the pictures. The first new sentence gets 5 points, the second new sentence 4, etc. If the student cannot think of a new sentence, they can repeat one of the previous sentences and get 1 point. When the student has thought of a sentence, have them raise their hand and you'll call on them. Have them say their sentence, and if it's good, give their team the points and have them sit down.
  6. When you get to the slides with multiple pokemon, explain to them that they have to say "They were" instead of "It was."

Other Recommendations

  • If you want to add more pokemon, make sure the students can say at least 3 or 4 different sentences about them. The point is for the students to use many different adjectives while practicing "was" and "were." My favorites are cute + cool, small + big, short + tall, and colors.
  • If the students try to say a more difficult sentence like "Its eyes were red, now its eyes are black," help them with constructing it. It's difficult because they're using "Its" at the start, but talking about "eyes" which are plural, so it needs "were" instead of "was."
  • If the students have a list of adjectives in their textbook, have them look at it while playing. It helps them to think of a sentence and encourages them to use words they might not know yet but want to try.


Pokémon Evolutions (was & were).pptx

Total 1

Estimated time: 40+ minutes

Submitted by: ThatOneALT

July 04, 2020


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