CROSSWORD Past Participle

This is a good 3rd Grade JHS warm up activity without the pressure of learning the grammar target of 3rd Grade Lesson 1 English lesson.

The beginning of the 3rd Grade JHS English textbook is very challenging for students. This activity is very good to break the ice and allow the students to think and recall previously learned English words in order to make connections with items that are being described in each item of this activity. You can use this as a warm up activity or as a closing activity. Below are the steps to follow:
1. Print out a "poster copy" of this worksheet. Each school has a poster maker machine that prints A4 sheets to big copies. I suggest you do this because you may need to do a visual demonstration of how to do this activity.
2. Explain to students that there are two group of words that must be written in their specific direction ( ACROSS and DOWN).
3. Read the sentences and let students repeat after you.
4. Try answering one item under DOWN and one in ACROSS. Do this on the poster paper so everyone sees it.
5.Check for understanding and begin with the activity.

This activity can last between 5-10 mins depending on how good your students are. Try not to spoon feed your students with answers. Give them examples and allow them to think or at least guess. These are very simple sentences .



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Estimated time: 5-10 mins

Submitted by: RedPhoenix

June 11, 2020


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