If it's PETER RABBIT, Let's play!

Row based version of the Peter Rabbit Game for practicing 'If' and 'let's'
This activity was inspired by:

Peter Rabbit is read in New Crown 2, lesson 2 so I use games based on this character around that time.

For this game each row is a group. The first student in each row stands up and you click the question banner. It gives the sentence fragment. The students think about how to complete the sentence then raise their hands. Pick the fastest and that student speaks their sentence. If its good they pick a number and if they are lucky get a carrot (and yes I know its actually radishes in the story...now) and a point. Then they sit down and another student from that first row gets a chance to answer. They also then pick a number to get a carrot (and a point). This continues until somebody gets the farmer. When the farmer comes Peter is chased off and the round is over. That team doesn't get a point. Click on the question to show an example answer and then on the next screen arrow.

Have the second student in each row stand up and continue like before.

After playing this game I've included a talk to the ALT example. Students complete a few sentences in their notebooks then come to the ALT and read them. The ALT can ask a question or two then they go back. The JTE should organize the classroom and have work for the students to do after they are done. Organizing usually means making sure they aren't moving around too much or waiting in a close line for their turn to talk to the ALT.


If it's PETER RABBIT, let's Play! (row game).pptx

Total 1

Estimated time: 20-25 for the game, 20 for ALT talk time

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

May 29, 2020

OdafromTaijima June 05, 2020

Hey this seems very fun! Thank you for sharing this! I am looking forward to using it!

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