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A moderately exciting row based activity
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I have a school that doesn't allow pair work or putting desks together to make groups. Thus for games I've been trying come up with row based games and activities. These are generally to practice a language point that has already been introduced. This is less exciting than other versions of this game but it still works well enough.

Castle Feud is a type of quiz game based loosely on Family Feud. The idea is that more than one student can get a chance to answer each question.

The first few slides introduce the language target. I go through these before making groups.

Then say we're playing a battle game. The goal is the control of the castles. Show the various castles.

Then go to the how to play slide. On this slide say for the demonstration the ALT will be red and the JTE will be blue.

Click on number one. This will bring up the first question. The JTE can answer it first and then pick a letter from below (Not C). They will get a hit and take a castle. Click on the castle to change its color. Then the ALT will answer and also pick a letter (not C) and also take a castle (click on another castle twice to make it red. Then say somebody else will try and they pick C. This brings up MISS and the letters will vanish. Say that means the turn is over. Click on the question to show an example answer everyone can repeat. Then move onto question Two. This time I believe B is miss. Make sure you answer twice. Demonstrate that if you hit you can take a castle from another color. No dice roll necessary.

Click on the third question if you like.

If you click on the grey circle banner it will take you to the get ready screen.

Tell the students each row is a group. There will be two rows per color. Those rows are allies. The colors are red, blue and yellow.

Go to the game screen. Have the first student in each row stand up. Then click on one to get the first question. The students should raise their hands to answer the question. If the answer is okay then pick a letter. If they get hit then they pick a castle to take and another student has a chance. Continue until somebody gets MISS or the three HITS are taken. In that case click on the last letter to clear it and then click on the question to see the answer. Then on the answer to clear it.

Have the students in the next row stand up and repeat the process. If the rows aren't even some students will have to go twice. Either they decide or the JTE decides who.

At the end of the game click on the winning teams banner to go to the victory screen. After that if you still have time take the arrow to the TALK TO ALT Activity. If you need to go back to the game screen you can click on the animated picture.

This is a model converstation they can write their own version in the notebook. Then one at a time come to the ALT for a talk. Once done they return to the classroom and do the work the JTE has assigned them. It is important to keep this organized by the JTE. The JTE should explain only one student comes to see the ALT at a time and one student can stand and wait. The others should remain sitting until there is a free space. We usually let them come at their own pace when they feel ready. I reward stickers after talking to me. Again make sure they don't gather around the stickers too long if you aren't just handing them out.

The 'How long question' has a word in blue. For example on the demo screen its 'How long have you used something?' with 'something' in blue. They should substitute that for another word. For example 'I've used my Iphone for 8 years'.

Also I've included both the question and the keywords for the answer. This is to make it as easy as possible for my current classes that lack confidence. You might want to increase the challenge by removing the key words or the questions.

I've included a word document to show how to change the questions and make your own. I hope it helps. As I use this with other grades I'll add different versions.

I added a non-wide screen version. I've been having issues using wide screen presentations on the school projectors.


CASTLE FEUD JAPAN How to change the questions.docx

CASTLE FEUD JAPAN 'Passive and Present Perfect Review'.pptx

CASTLE FEUD JAPAN 'Present Perfect' (Not Wide Screen).pptx

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Estimated time: 30 minutes for game and explanation and anther 20 for the ALT Talk Time.

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

May 27, 2020


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