A Matching Worksheet and Picture Stories

Two worksheets for practicing past progressive and using 'when' to link sentences.

The matching exercise.

Each part has six sentence fragments. The students should decide which fragments go together. Write the three sentences and show a teacher. If its fine get a stamp and go onto the next part. If they finish the whole page they can get a sticker. Its a bit dry but I arranged it this way so there would be less moving around the classroom and they could work on their own. I've a school right now that doesn't allow group or pair work because of social distance rules. Although with students moving around so much when teachers check their papers this distance kind of disappears.

The second worksheet has a bunch of pictures. They use the pictures to think of sentence. For example 'When she was skiing her friends studied'. Again maybe finish two then show a teacher. Finish half and get a sticker.

Classroom management is important. Don't let the kids move around too much. Make sure they don't line up in large groups and most importantly make sure your JTE is in charge of that.


2年生 Picture Stories 'When she was skiing I slept'.docx

2年生 When Match and Write.docx

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May 25, 2020


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