Passive Voice Country Quiz

A listening and writing activity for 3rd year JHS students using facts about different countries.

This activity works better after the students have had some instruction and practice using the passive voice.

First, students will listen to the ALT's example sentences and fill in the missing words on the worksheet. You can have the students write more or less of this section themselves depending on their proficiency level. I also prepared simple photos to show the students while I was saying each sentence. (But make sure that the photos don't give away the country in question.) After listening to 3 hints, the students guess what country the example sentences were talking about.

After all 3 rounds of the quiz game, have the students (alone or in groups) write their own hints about Japan using passive voice. The word bank is meant to prompt them to think about food, books, people, etc that represent their country. Make sure to save some time at the end to read some of their sentences to the class!


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Estimated time: 20-30 minutes

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May 20, 2020

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