Picture Stories Race

An activity to practice 'was' and 'were'

The first part of the slide show has a few examples and then a fill in the blank section. The focus is on 'was' 'were' in terms of place. Such as 'He was at the park' and then the simple past 'He played baseball' and then 'was' 'were' in terms of adjectives 'He was happy'.

The fill in the blanks have black lines for the keywords and red lines for words the students must think of after seeing the picture.

After this practice it goes onto a demo stage for the character race. It shows two examples. Click on one to see the picture then on the picture to see the sentences. You can do the same with two. Click on the character picture near the top to get the character to move. The students can work in groups. Generally I set a landmark for this type of activity. If a group can finish 5 then they can get a sticker. The worksheet and the activity works fine without the race game and I don't always use it. It just adds a little flavor.

After the demo there are a few more examples. These are to help clear up when to use things like 'fun' or 'happy' and 'bored' or 'boring'.

Once you get to the game stage put everyone in groups. Let the groups pick their character. You can cut out a character card for each group. Then let the groups go at their own pace. I'd use this in classes where I can use a tablet so the students can move their own characters and the teachers can focus on checking papers and helping. If I'm not using a tablet I'd just put the racers on the board with magnets and not use the powerpoint game.

That's about it. Its not as exciting as Almost Mario but character race is go for slower activities where groups work at their own pace.


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May 20, 2020


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