I'll Ask Peach

Students construct four "I'll ask ~ to ~." sentences. Includes interview and writing.

Archived from Englipedia.
Originally submitted by Norm Cook on Nov 27, 2014.

  • Review grammar and hand out the worksheet.
  • Students construct four "I'll ask to " sentences by drawing lines connecting the characters to words provided on the sheet.
  • Students then form pairs and read their sentences to their partners and take notes
  • They then write 4 sentences based on their friends' answers.
  • Finally, they write up to 3 more sentences which are more original. Instruct students to make their own sentences based on the same patterns, but don't allow them to use any activity or character used in the activity thus far. Students can use teachers, friends, or parents instead of characters if they choose.


  • Include a picture of yourself or other beloved teacher in the suggested characters on the worksheet.



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Estimated time: 15-25 min

Submitted by: Englipedia Archive

May 07, 2020


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