What will you give your family for Christmas?

Students practice the grammar for "give" by thinking of what Christmas presents they would give to family members.

This is an activity to practice the Subject Verb Object Object grammar pattern, specifically with the verb "give." I think I came up with it when one of my classes was studying this grammar point in December.

First I explain to the students that when it's Christmas in the US, we often give our family members presents. You can show them some pictures of wrapped presents under a Christmas tree to see if the students are familiar with the custom. I tell them that I'll give them 10,000 yen and that they have to use to to buy presents for their family. I write a few examples that I would use for my family:

  • My mother - I'll give her a new book.
  • My brother - I'll give him dorayaki.

If you want, you could make them explain the present. "I'll give him dorayaki because he likes anko."

Once they've written their presents, have the students ask 3 friends what presents they'll give to their family. The student can answer with one of the three people in their family.

If you're doing this in a country besides Japan, feel free to change the currency!


Christmas presents for family.docx

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Estimated time: 20 minutes

Submitted by: Jake W

November 07, 2018


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