My Breakfast

Adapted from Roger Parker's "My Breakfast" on Englipedia, this is a simple worksheet to review simple past tense using what the student ate for breakfast today.

Roger Parker's original instructions:
1. After teaching simple past tense, hand out the worksheet and get the students to match the pictures with the words at the bottom of the worksheet. They can use their dictionaries if necessary.
2. Write on the board what you ate for breakfast: "I ate toast." Check for understanding and then write what you drank: "I drank orange juice."
3. Finally, have the students write what they ate and drank.

1. After the activity as an extension you could get them to ask other students what they ate. Or try to find someone that had the same breakfast.
2. Another idea is to have the students imagine they are very rich or very poor and write about their breakfast.


This was my breakfast today.docx

Original (Roger Parker's) worksheet.doc

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Estimated time: 15-30 minutes

Submitted by: earthiverse

April 08, 2020

UonumaRobert April 17, 2020

Yep, I'd say I'm addicted to Irasutoya. I need my daily fix.

dorbo April 16, 2020

Ya they are. I see that you have gotten some from there as well :D Thanks a lot!

UonumaRobert April 09, 2020

Hi dorobo, I think the pictures are from irasutoya. It’s a great site.

dorbo April 09, 2020

This looks great. I have a question, where did you get the pictures of the school kids? They look great and I want to browse the library.

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