Luigi is taller than Dorami

Students ask each other about the characters on page 1. Then, they write sentences about the characters compared to each other.

I had gotten this activity from Englipedia, and I couldn't find it here. So, this is a repost from someone I can't give credit to. Sorry! I actually couldn't save the original file before the school wiped my data, so I had to remake this in Word.

First, practice the English pronunciation of the character names. Note that Bowser is クッパ in Japanese. Then, review the comparatives if needed.

Move to the second page and practice the Q & A example.

Explain that students will choose which characters go in each blank of their 4 questions. Give students time to write this out (only the 4 question blanks, not the "my sentences" portion) before starting the activity. Then, they will janken in pairs to decide who asks the questions first. Alternating is fine. Students will write their partner's answer in the chart to the right. When they have written all four answers, switch partners.
When they finish talking with 3 friends (or when time is finished if there is a time limit), have students write out their own sentences.


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Estimated time: 20 minutes

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March 25, 2020


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