Comparative Class Survey

Students practice comparatives by asking their classmates to choose between two things.

This activity is for practicing comparative questions.

I start out by asking the JTE a silly question like "Who is stronger, Anpanman or Bakinman?" I write it up on the board along with the form of the answer: "__________ is stronger than __________." After the JTE answers, I ask the students in the class what they think. If possible, ask them to justify why they think their answer is correct. "Because he can use an-punch!"

Next, I group all of the students in the class into pairs. If there's an odd number of students, me or the JTE might be one half of a pair with the remaining student. I give each pair a number and then assign each pair a question based on their number. The questions are all comparison questions like:

  • Who is taller...
  • Who is older...
  • Who is cooler...
  • Which is more exciting...
  • Who is more handsome...
  • Which is scarier...

And then pair 1 and pair 9 would get "Who is taller...?" and so on. The students can come up with the two items to compare by themselves in their pairs. If they're comparing people, you might want to make a rule that they can use teachers at the school but not students in order to prevent any unkindness that might result. If you start with some funny examples in the beginning of class, the students should think of something similar for their questions.

Next, the pair will have to survey the class. I usually assign one partner to ask girls and one to ask boys. Maybe the student in each pair that's sitting closer to the window could ask girls, or something like that. However you choose it, both students should get up and ask the question to their classmates. The classmate should answer in the full sentence "_____________ is _____er than ________" and the students should write their classmate's name under the answer they chose.

Once they've had enough time to ask a good number of classmates, ask the class to return to their partner and figure out a final total by combining their results. This should settle their question once and for all.

I then go through every pair in the class and ask them what question they came up with and what the answer was. I usually have one student read the question and the other read the answer that they arrived at. Usually this leads to some funny statements!


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Estimated time: 30-40 minutes

Submitted by: Jake W

October 31, 2018


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