Three Reasons Why

A discussion based activity to practice explaining opinions. New Crown 3 pages 102 and 103.

This is an attempt at simplifying the process of having a group discussion about various topics.

It is a companion for NEW CROWN 3 pages 102 and 103.

Its sort of 'debate lite' since I'm not a fan of trying to do full debate activities.

The Intro PowerPoint
It starts with a three choice quiz. Each panel shows various ways you can respond to a statement or opinion. Students can select what response they think is best and then you show the best response and with the JTEs help explain why its the best call.

This can be done in groups with each group bringing their answer but I'd recommend just hands up. It will go faster and you'll have more time for the meatier activities later.

It ends with a demonstration of how a group should answer a question. Encourage them to use the English they practiced in the previous quiz. Then they can come to the teacher as a group each giving one part of their answer. Teacher will respond, maybe asking a question or two and then give the students the next question card. There are eleven question cards. Cut them out so that each group will have one of each. It is unlikely that every group will get through all or even most of these questions.

There is a worksheet. It can be used in two ways. Either as the groups are working on their thinking they can also write their answers before they come to the teacher. In that case a double sheet might be neccessary for faster groups. Or the groups can discuss the questions without a worksheet and then in the last ten minutes hand out the worksheet and tell them to pick one of their questions and write their answers.




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February 13, 2020


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