Telephone Talk and Requests

These are the worksheets I use for the various telephone talk lessons in New Crown

New Crown One
Let's Talk 7
Its a three round sign game. First round they select which homework they want help with. The second round they select where they want to go. The third round they ask to borrow something. Practice the dialogue, show an example and let them go. Once a few finish I end the round. Practice again and go.

New Crown Two
Let's Talk 6
Message Collecting and roleplays.
Practice the dialogue. Cut out the messages and give each student one. They then make pairs, have the dialogue twice. Switching roles then record the message. Their goal is to try and get all the messages. I rarely use this part since I find it too difficult. I do use the role plays a lot though. In a pair they make a conversation then come to a teacher. Do their conversation and get stickers.

Will You Requests
This is a write and race activity. They work in groups. You give them the first problem. They think of a request that will help them with that problem and bring the request to a teacher. The teacher says OK and gives them the next problem.

New Crown 3
Role Plays
The students practice the telephone conversation and in pairs make their own versions. Practice it a few times then demonstrate it for a teacher. Generally I give them stickers if they complete two such dialogues.

Could You Requests
Basically the same as Will you Requests

Could You Ask him to Requests
As above but the grammar is a little more on point.


Telephone Talk New Crown 1 Let's Talk 7 Can you requests SIGN GAME.docx

Telephone Talk New Crown 2 Lets Talk 6 Message Collecting.docx

Telephone Talk New Crown 2 lets Talk 6 Will you requests.docx

Telephone Talk New Crown 3 Lets Talk 5 Could You Ask Him To Requests.docx

Telephone Talk New Crown 3 lets Talk 5 Could You Requests.docx

Telephone Talk New Crown 3 Lets Talk 5 Roleplays.docx

Total 1

Estimated time: Each activity is good for about 20 minutes

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January 31, 2020

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