Why Chicks Why?

A sign game and a write and race game for practicing Why and Because
This activity was inspired by:

This is an alternate way of doing 'Why are zombies attacking'.

The sign game is the same but the writing activity has groups working at their own pace rather than turn by turn.

Step One

The Sign Game

The students have their worksheets and you can show them round one on the TV monitor. For the 'Why and Because' version the students check which reason they like the singer. Then demonstrate with the JTE making a pair and having the short dialogue. Greet each other and then do rock, scissors, paper. The winner will ask the question 'Why do you like this singer?' and the loser with answer 'Because....' If the winner also picked the same reason they say 'I think so too' and then they both sign each others paper. If the winner picked a difference answer say 'that's nice' and then 'bye' and don't sign each other's papers. After they collect three signs they should sit down or come to the teacher for a stamp. Once a few students are done continue to the second round. The second round has missing words on the worksheet so the students must fill them in before continuing. There are four rounds although it is not necessary to do all of them.

Why Chicks Why

Each student should have a worksheet and each group should have a group sheet.

This is a write and race activity. At its heart the ALT will ask everyone question one. In groups they will figure out the answer then one member will bring the answer to either teacher. If it is correct the teacher will give them the next question. If you are using the powerpoint game, they will pick a chick at that time and get points for their team. At the end of the activity either the teams that answered the most questions or the team with the most points (if you use the PPT game) are the winners.

There are two types of questions. The first eight questions have answers on the group worksheet. The students should read them and select which one is the best for the question. The last five questions are about themselves. At that point there is the option of either all the members coming with their answers or just one bringing their answer but the others can have different answers.

The Game
Demonstration screen has A button and B button. You tap A to see an example of the first type of question. Tap the question to reveal the choices and the choices to reveal the answer and the answer to make all three vanish. The B button shows the second type of question and answer. After demonstrating each question click on a bird to show the points. One bird explodes for -3 points. Once all the birds are gone from a game screen click on the arrow to go to a fresh slide. If I'm using a tablet the students can control the flow of the game. If I'm using a PC a teacher handles the game and another checks the answers and gives the questions. Truthfully if I'm not using a tablet I'd probably not bother with the game and just do it as straight write and race.

There is a very small invisible square in the bottom left corner that has a hyperlink to the 'game over screen'


Why Chicks Why SIGN GAME and Writing Activity.docx

Why Chicks Why SIGN GAME and Writing Activity.pptx

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Estimated time: I'd say including demonstrations about 25 minutes each.

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

January 30, 2020


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