Humpty Dumpty Game

A pick the verb quiz and a writing game for simple past irregular verbs.

This is based on the Alice and Wonderland story on page 126 of the current New Crown 1. It is not necessary to read the story to use this game. In fact few classes will reach it during the school term.

This part tells a simplified version of the story. On each screen the verb is missing. The students are given three choices. If they are in groups this can be done as a three choice quiz. Once they've seen the three options one member can come up with their answer. Teachers record their answer on the board and then do the answer check. The answer check shows the simple present version of the verb as well. Alternately if they aren't in groups yet you can just have the students raise their hands at their choice. As a group activity it will probably take 20 minutes or longer depending on the size of the class. There is space on the worksheet for them to write the answers and the Japanese translation. You might want to cut this short and rush through it if its taking too long.

This is a group writing activity. They will be given a worksheet and a group sheet. They must use three key words to make three sentences on their worksheet and then show the sentences to the teacher. The first sentence must include a time frame such as 'yesterday' or 'last week'. After they show the teacher their worksheet they pick an egg and tap on it to get points for their group. Once the foot or she Cheshire Cat appears hit the arrow to go to a new slide to continue. Once the time is up you can click on Humpty Dumpty to go to the game over screen. Teams work at their own pace. Once they've used one set of key words from their group sheet you should cross them out and they move onto another set.

On the demonstration slides you can click on the two number boxes to show examples. After the first example click on an egg but not the green or red glowing egg. After the second example click on the green glowing egg to make the Cheshire Cat appear. Say once it appears you click the arrow to continue the game on a new screen. Click that arrow and click the green glowing egg on the new screen to show the foot fall. Explain when this happens you also continue on a new slide.

Team teaching if you are using a computer one teacher can check the answers and another can control the game. If you are using a tablet either both teachers can check answers and control the game or teachers check answers and students control the game. The last is how I usually do this type of activity.

Before moving onto the game their are a few slides with the vocabulary. There is quite a bit but it is worth going over. You can hit the return arrow on the 'Are you ready?' screen to go over them again if you want.

I'd say about 20 to 25 minutes is go for this game.

Added an alternate version where the teachers ask the students questions and they write the answer of all members of the group.


Humpty Dumpty Game 'simple past irregular verbs'.docx

Humpty Dumpty Game 'simple past irregular verbs'.pptx

Humpty Dumpty Game (Questions and Answers).docx

Humpty Dumpty Game (Questions and Answers).pptx

Total 1

Estimated time: 20 to 25 for the quiz and 20 to 25 for the writing activity.

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

January 29, 2020


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