Who Is Your Classmate

Students fill out a worksheet about themselves, and then do an activity where they try to guess who their friends are based upon the hints they wrote on their worksheets.

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Originally submitted by John Edwin Keene & Raymond Corrigan on Mar 17, 2010.

Detailed Explanation:

  • Hand out the sheet and have the students work at their own pace to complete it.
  • Collect all the sheets and have the students get into groups, maybe their lunch groups. Have them number themselves 1-6 and then have the first student from every group stand up.
  • Ask them, "Do you know your classmates? I will give you three hints. If you can answer please raise your hand. The first student who raises his/her hand gets to answer. Please answer by saying, 'S/He is...' or 'It's me.' Hint number one, 'He walks to school.' (They usually go "eeeeeh" because everyone walks to school.) Hint number two, 'He likes science and math.'"
  • The first hint is worth three points. The second is two points, and the final hint is one point.
  • Once a correct is said, have Student 2 from all the groups stand up and repeat the process
  • The group with the most points wins.


  • For lower level classes, you might not be able to complete the worksheet AND do the activity. If you think this might be the case for your class, do the worksheet in one class and save the activity for the next one. Or, ask the teacher if the class can complete the worksheet before you get to class, so when you show up, you can go right into the game.
  • NO GROUPS: Instead of having groups, give the hints to the whole class. A student who can guess correctly three times becomes the new 'hint giver' (a.k.a. come to the front, choose a sheet at random and proceeds to say the hints to the class.

Teaching Suggestions:

  • This game worked well for me as the students are more interested in themselves over some random famous person.
  • For the first clue, make it a bit obscure: "He is a boy." or He walks to school."


  • This works well with classes that enjoy each other's company. I had one class where some of the kids didn't get along with each other and it wasn't as fun. However, overall, it is fun and easy to do.




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Estimated time: 20-50 min

Submitted by: Englipedia Archive

January 20, 2020


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