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Students play a Snake & Ladders type of game while practicing present continuous form and also the past tense singular/plural forms.

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Originally submitted by Patrick Bickford on Oct 14, 2008.


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  • Game board pieces (not included)
  • Dice: One die per group (not included)


  • This activity focuses on the the verbs 'is/are/was/were' in the present continuous form. For example, "Koji is/was cooking," & "Koji and Emi are/were cooking.
  • Separate the class into groups and hand out a game board and character sheet to each group.
  • Students put their game pieces on start and janken to see who goes first.
  • The first student rolls the die and moves accordingly. Let's say they roll a 4. They then move to the fourth square and must form a present or past continuous sentence using the character sheet. The kanji located on each number of the character sheet decides whether the student forms a present or past tense sentence. In the case of #4, the student would say, "Naruto is playing basketball now." Note: The characters I used for the character sheet are predominately character from the New Horizon English textbooks.
  • If the student is unable to form a sentence, all the students in the group who think they can make a sentence can have the chance to steal by playing Janken and the winner, if they make a correct sentence, can more their game piece 3 squares but they DON'T have to make another sentence.
  • The turn moves onto the next student after the student who couldn't form the sentence.
  • If a student's marker lands on a ladder, they climb the ladder. If they land on a slide, they must slide down the ladder. However, the reverse doesn't happen; they cannot climb down a ladder or up a slide.
  • The first student to reach square #96 and roll a 3 or 4 is the champion.
  • Once a champion is crowned, the group moves onto the writing activity, which is simply writing sentences about 10 of the squares they landed on during the game. Don't worry about the students remembering which squares they landed on...they have an uncanny knack of remembering these trivial facts.

Note: On the character sheet, the sentences start are mixed and gradually become more complicated. For example:

  • #71: "Koji is playing video games and table tennis."
  • #72: "Lisa was playing soccer and baseball yesterday."
  • #90: "Snoopy and Ichiro were playing video games and watching TV yesterday."


  • I used this activity in a handicap class so you shouldn't have any problems in regular classes.
  • For more excitement, you might alter the game board a little and insert more ladders and slides.



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Estimated time: 35-50 min

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January 17, 2020


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