Flash colours pairs memory game

*A twist on the classic memory game where you try to find matching pairs (and forgetting them 5 seconds later...)*

A virtual version of the classic memory game which can be run on any PC and connected to classroom whiteboard/TV/projector if you have one (or even used with individual private students). Students choose cards by calling out the grid reference (i.e. A-1, C-6, etc.) and state the colour on the card, then chooses another card in the same manner, if there is a match the student/team gets a point and continues until they fail to find a match in which case play goes over to the other player/team.

  • card layout is randomised each time so you can play as many iterations as you need.
  • The target vocabulary can be varied to practice different forms: i.e. "say the colour", "I like (colour name)", "This card is (also) orange", etc.
  • Can be played in class teams or class vs. teacher.

Game is all self-contained in the SWF file and doesn't need internet connection or anything other than a keyboard and/or mouse, though for newer computer setups you may need to install an older browser and a copy of the flash plugin (which can both be found free, the plugin is available from the official Adobe site. Any questions about how to get this set up feel free to email me.)

Controls are:
- click on card to turn it and click again on the same card to turn it back.
- extra keyboard controls are also available: A = reveal all cards, X = hide all cards, [down-arrow] = hide non-matching cards
- scoreboard for 2 teams is also provided, just click the button to add a point

*n.b. I've used this with ES students (grade 4,5,6 in class with giant tv) and children in general (4 years onwards) and it worked well and although it's quite simple the interactive elements and interface makes it a little more appealing.

Hash checksum for Windows executable security checks:
6A31C9F70FE0706E68700578BD230317 (md5)
98992A56C10BF0E276341041E037931CB1A937B8 (sha1)


Colour pairs final.swf

Colour pairs final.exe

Total 2

Estimated time: 10 - 15 minutes

Submitted by: kitbox

January 09, 2020

Jake the Admin January 17, 2020

(solved) Sure, it wouldn't hurt to include that!

kitbox January 17, 2020

Thank you Jake-the-admin. If it helps at all the .exe file was generated locally (rather than beings something I found on a random page) but always better to be safe than sorry. I've seen MD5 and SHA1 checksum being provided and can look into including that for extra security?

Jake the Admin January 09, 2020

It should be possible to add an .exe file as well, but since I haven't added automatic anti-virus scanning to the site yet, I'd encourage everyone to do a scan on the file before you run it! It's good to do that before running an executable file from a download. At some point in the future, WebAssembly will probably be a good choice for this sort of thing, but it's still a pretty new technology.

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