Zapper Zoo

A write and race powerpoint game. Useful for review.

The students work in groups to answer the questions. The questions should have an answer plus a follow up sentence offering more information. You can be as strict as you like when accepting the follow up sentences.

The game
First slide has the title. Ignore the two arrows.

Then it goes onto the how to play slide. The A and B buttons show sample questions. You click on the question to reveal a sample answer and then click on the answer to remove both.

After an answer is given you click on an animal. The top row of animals show the points from 1 to 4. The second row have the zapper points. They are -3, -3 and -5. Tell the students once there are no animals on the screen you click the arrow button to move onto a fresh screen.

The next slide introduces the animals. This is not necessary if you are using a tablet and the students press the buttons themselves. This is how I usually do this type of activity. I bring my own tablet or borrow a school one. This way both teachers can focus on checking answers and helping groups and the students themselves can manage the game. If you don't want to introduce the answers then click the next screen arrow. If you are using a PC then one teacher checks answers and the other controls that game. The students say which animal they want to try. I still suggest having the students record the points on the board themselves.

When doing the activity if someone presses the home button by mistake then you can use the two arrows. They will return you to different game screens and you can continue. If they accidentally close the powerpoint just restart it at a random game screen slide. Usually happens once or twice. Instruct zanier classes to not press two buttons at the same time since that creates the zoom effect.

I've included a bonus sheet. Groups that finish the prepared questions can make questions for teachers and make memos about their answers to continue the activity.

There is also a group check sheet. These can be cut out and given to each group. When a group completes a question cross that number out. This is to prevent some groups from coming up with the same answer more than once. Happens sometimes especially in first grade classes.


ZAPPER ZOO (Can and Plural Verbs Review).docx

ZAPPER ZOO (Can and Plural Verbs Review).pptx

ZAPPER ZOO (Comparatives and Superlatives).docx

ZAPPER ZOO (Comparatives and Superlatives).pptx

ZAPPER ZOO New Crown 3 Pre-Final Test Review.pptx

ZAPPER ZOO New Crown 3 Pre-Final Test Review.docx

Total 1

Estimated time: Without the bonus questions some groups will finish within 20 minutes. Make sure everyone writes all the answers.

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

January 07, 2020


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