May I Take Your Order?

Students act as waiters, playing janken and taking orders to see who can make the most money in this quick and easy to set up game!

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Originally submitted by Benjamin Brannan on Jun 25, 2013.


First, pass out an order card and menu worksheet to each student. Write the spoken dialog (below) on the chalkboard.

Then, demonstrate the game with the JTE. Students should walk around the room and play janken. The conversation goes as such:

  • Winner: May I take your order?
  • Loser (reading order card): I'll have the {main dish}, with {side item}, and a {soup/salad}.
  • Winner: All right. Anything else?
  • Loser: No, that's all. Thank you.

The janken winner must put tally marks (American style!) next to each item spoken. Then, students SWITCH ORDER CARDS and continue walking around. This ensures they say many food items. The winner of the entire game has the highest total.

So, when time is up, ask students to sit down and calculate the total Then, write $100 on the board with an arrow pointing up and say, "$100 or higher, raise your hand!" Go up until only three hands or so are raised.


My entire lesson plan consisted of practicing new words on page 22 (twice each), showing American pronunciation (potato vs "pa-te-do"), then having them listen to the dialog between the JTE and myself. Then, the JTE would ask in Japanese where we were and what was ordered. A little more Japanese explanation on the JTE's part, and I would have them repeat the entire dialog twice. Then, have them read the menu items twice each. If more practice is needed, have them make pairs and read the dialogue with different menu items.

Finally, I would pass out the papers for the activity and after the demonstration, practice the game dialog once. It's a lot of repetition, but at this point they'll be more than comfortable speaking English in the game.

At the end of the lesson, talk about how American restaurants have no bells to ring, and you can't shout "SUMIMASEN!" across the room! Nor can you wave your arm wildly--eye contact and a small wave to the waiter is enough. They may find tipping to be interesting, too.



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Estimated time: 10-15 min

Submitted by: Englipedia Archive

December 13, 2019


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