Fruit Basket "Have You Ever...?"

A fun game played with a circle of students in chairs.

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Originally submitted by Jil Christiansen on Jun 25, 2014.


  • A blank piece of paper
  • A large open space (like a gym)
  • One chair per student, minus one


  • First, have the students write out four or more "Have you ever...?" questions. The goal here is to craft sentences that the other students will be able to understand and answer "yes" to.
  • Find a wide open space and make a circle of chairs. There should be one chair for every person playing, minus one. The person without a chair stands in the middle and asks a "Have you ever...?" question. Whoever can answer "yes" must get out of their chairs. They cannot return to the same chair until another question has been asked, and they cannot sit in the chairs on either side of the chair they were just in. Meanwhile, the person in the middle is trying to sit down in one of the newly vacated chairs. The object is to NOT be the person in the middle.
  • Additional rule: Each question can only be asked once. For example, once "Have you ever eaten a banana?" has been asked, it may not be asked again. However, the question, "Have you ever eaten an orange?" may be asked. Because of this, students should come up with more than four questions, in case they either get stuck in the middle or in case all of their questions are snapped up by others early in the game.


  • You could also use "I have never..." instead of "Have you ever.....?


  • If possible, have them do the first activity for 5-10 minutes one class period, collect the sheets, correct them, and do the second part another day. If not, check the work as they go.
  • Students may know this game as "fruit basket," which is occasionally played in elementary schools. Therefore, begin by asking the students if they know the game "fruit basket" and if they do, explain the modified rules from there.

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Estimated time: 10-30 min

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December 11, 2019


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