What are animals doing GAME

A point get game for practicing the present progressive.
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Start with the demonstration screen.

First practice the verbs on the left side and then the other words on the right side. Tell the students they will be connecting those with the animals they see to make sentences.

Then hit the go button. They will see three pictures rapidly. You can press go again to see the images again.

Then on the yellow banner you have the beginning of the sentence. 'The owl ______' ask the students what the owl is doing saying they can use the verb from the left and the words from the right. Click on that yellow banner to show the answer. Then click on an alphabet box to get points. Click on the yellow banner again to bring up the next question and repeat. After you do all three example questions tell the students the points range from 2 to 5. Once there are no more point boxes they can still get 1 point if they bring an answer until a time limit is reached.

Next click the arrow button to show the three answers and then go to the 'are you ready screen'.

Hand out the worksheets and check the verbs. Then make groups and hand out the group paper and check that vocabulary for round one. When the bring their answer they should bring that sheet so you can cross out the words as they use them.

Go to round one screen, press go and then start. If they want to see the images again you can bring go as many times as you like. Students take turns coming up with their answers. Once all the alphabet points are used up set a time limit and then end the round. Do the answer check and repeat with rounds two and three.

For dividing the work if I'm using a computer, one teacher checks answers and the other handles the computer and the points. If I'm using a tablet both teachers check answers and the students can handle the points themselves.


Animals Doing Stuff Game.docx

Animals Doing Stuff Game.pptx

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Estimated time: Including a demonstration I'd say 20 to 25 minutes.

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

December 05, 2019


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