Make a Monster

Students use present tense plural verbs to form sentences to describe an original monster.

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Originally submitted by Ashlea Miyauchi on Dec 3, 2009.


  • Explain that the students are going to make an original monster and pass out worksheet.
  • Show them an example quickly - animal traits, a strange appetite or multiple body parts can easily make a monster. Draw it on the board and write 3-4 sentences: "Butracula eats pork. He flies to school. He lives in Tokyo.
  • Give the students 5-10 minutes to write five sentences. They can draw a picture AFTER they finish their sentences.


  • Encourage higher level students to use like+infinitive, past tense, or relative clauses. But 1st year JHS are most likely to get excited about the activity.


  • For slow starters, get them going with the prompts, "He eats..." "She lives..." "He doesn't like..."
  • Use with worksheet Halloween Character Matching to give them some starter ideas.


  • For small classes, have students present their monster.
  • Some students will not get started at all. Even some of the smarter students won't like making an original character, so make this a supplement to the main lesson plan.



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Estimated time: 15-30 min

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December 04, 2019


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