Time And Weather

An information gap game where students ask each other the time and weather in different parts of the world.

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Originally submitted by Roger Parker on Nov 25, 2011.


  • Each student gets a writing worksheet and one card.
  • They simply go around and use the new grammar to find the time and weather in different countries. The key phrases are "What time is it in~ ?" and "How is the weather in~?"
  • They write down this information in their worksheets.


I used 3 different weather cards: cloudy, sunny, and rainy. You can add or subtract more.

The updated doc. version also allows for a simplified variation good for low level students:

  • Students start the game in pairs one student with worksheet A and one student with worksheet B.
  • Start with review flashcards of the weather: sunny, rainy, and cloudy.
  • If the students don't know time and numbers well, start by teaching that.
  • If the students are reviewing time and numbers, just practice a few examples. You can do this by having a few blank clocks written on the board, or by bringing an actual clock you can manipulate the hour and minute hands on.
  • Finish by reviewing the country names.




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Estimated time: 20 min

Submitted by: Englipedia Archive

December 04, 2019


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