Drawing Comparatives "-ER~THAN"

Students draw three sets of two comparatives according to the descriptions under each. Adjustable for superlatives.

This is pretty basic but my students enjoyed it.

In the boxes provided, students should draw (1) a Tom and a Mika, (2) a cat and a dog, and (3) a salmon and an eel. According to the descriptions A through E is how they should draw each picture. "Tom is taller than Mika," "Mika's hair is longer than Tom's hair," "The cat is cuter than the dog," "The dog is louder than the cat," etc. I acknowledge there are a few of sentences on there that might have them wonder how to draw it, but I wanted to encourage them to really think about it and be creative.

First, I go over the sentences especially if review is needed first.
I explain the activity using my own drawing "expertise" on the board to demonstrate the activity, showing myself erasing and redrawing as I go down the list of sentences.

The amount of time this takes will depend on just how artsy the students want to be and also the class overall. I told them they can work in pairs or with (a) friend(s), that tends to speed it up a little. Myself and the JTE also go around to help and interact with the students about their drawings, some of them really enjoy sharing. Plus this way you can keep an eye on their accuracy if you don't or can't check for that in the end.

If there is time and it fits into your plans, I like to check their drawings by having them compare their drawings to mine and/or the JTE's on the board, they usually like that.

And of course, you can change up plenty of things on this sheet. I'd personally suggest adjusting what's on there by adding a third thing to draw for each for superlatives practice.


er than drawing.docx

Total 2

Estimated time: 15 - 30 mins

Submitted by: Arinyuu

November 28, 2019

Jackalopalen February 21, 2020

great activity! I had the students work in pairs, so they could share the drawing load and chat about how they should draw their pictures. I made some tweaks, including a fourth pair that really make the students think outside of the box and get creative: https://docs.google.com/document/d/19pGpDz_sgjf8cdoqIfKWar9aBvCmiXPjfedDyWE9QZ4/edit?usp=sharing

UonumaRobert November 29, 2019

I have a teacher that loves these drawing exercises. The salmon and the eel is an interesting choice.

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