Pencils and Bombs Review Quiz and Profile Game

A quiz review game and then a writing activity.

I'm using this to review 'Can' and some of the previous material, especially 'plural verbs' and 'third person be verb' however I've included a blank template that can be used for many writing activities.

I've added another version for second year students practicing the comparative 'more'. The rules are a little different and you'll find them at the bottom.

This is a powerpoint game.

The first part is a review quiz. It is meant to be done with the students in groups without writing so it will go fast. The students should pick their order and one student will come up and answer a question and select which pencil to get points or the bomb. Once all groups have come up, or you decide time is up, check the answer and move onto the next question. Generally I have one teacher check the answer and the other handle the points for this part of the activity. Although I mostly get the students themselves to write the points on the board. Don't rush after the answer check. A lot of JTEs will want to ask about the sentence in Japanese to check that the students really understand it.

To control this part of the quiz you click on the question to see the answer and click on the hint picture to go to the next slide. You click on the pencils to see what points they get.

Next is profile writing. I've included three styles and three examples. The first is translation. You click on button one to see that one, then on the question to see the answer and on the answer to make it all go away. Then click on a pencil showing how many points you'd get. Then go to the next example. This one has a picture and the students must write about that character. Click on the question again to see the answer and the answer to make it all go away. Click on another pencil for points. Finally the question has them draw someone or something they want to write about. Again same as above click on question and then answer. Tell them once there are no pencils left on the screen click on the arrow to go to a new screen. I often do this on a tablet so both teachers can check answers and the students can do the button pressing and points managing. If you are using a PC then one teacher handles points and the other handles answer checking. They should work in groups and work at their own pace. When they finish one profile come and get it checked then move onto another one.

The team slip is for classes that get confused and come up with the same profile again and again. Common problem with first year classes.

End when one or two teams are finished or when a time limit is reached. Check points and cheer the winning team.

I've tagged this 'plural verbs' and 'can' since some textbooks might have them come up in reverse order. I use New Crown 1 and it has 'can' after 'plural verbs'.

Comparative 'More' Review Game
This game is also a group game and it is broken up into two parts. In the first part each team gets one team paper and working together they must fill in the questions and bring them to a teacher to check. For example they see the key word 'beautiful' so they must complete a question using it such as 'What is more beautiful, winter or summer?' One member then brings that question to a teacher and if its okay go to another teacher to get points.

After the last question collect the question papers when you are checking them.

After the quiz is finished move onto the second part. Here they will work at their own speed. You distribute the questions the groups made to other groups and they will answer those questions in any order they like. Bring the answer to be checked and get points like in the above activity. Every student in the group should have the two sided answer worksheet.

Note most classes won't get through all the questions in half the lesson time. I'd suggest stopping the first part after 20 minutes and moving onto the second. You can provide extra questions for the groups that get through the ones the others made.


Pencils and Bombs TEMPLATE.pptx

1年生 Pencils and Bombs Quiz and Profile Game (And Sign Game) (can).docx

1年生 Pencils and Bombs Quiz and Profile Game (can).docx

1年生 Pencils and Bombs Quiz and Profile Game (can).pptx

2年生 Pencils and Bombs Making Quiz and Quiz Answering Game (more).docx

2年生 Pencils and Bombs Quiz Making and Quiz Answering Game (more).pptx

Pencils and Bombs Review Activity (Present Perfect).docx

Pencils and Bombs Review Activity (Present Perfect).pptx

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Estimated time: Quiz and Writing Game might take most of the lesson although some groups might finish very fast

Submitted by: UonumaRobert

November 28, 2019

UonumaRobert December 02, 2019

Yes I did. The auto fill in with the kanji got me there. Thanks for pointing it out. I'll fix it up.

JDNAGANO December 02, 2019

for the 1st year ppt writing section example, the phrase written is 彼はコナンできます。 You meant 彼はコナンです。 right?

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