I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus SONG ACTIVITY

A fun Christmas activity for listening, reading, and writing. San-nensei.

This activity revolves around a Powerpoint presentation, using the song "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" by the Jackson 5. Takes approx. 30 mins and can be combined with a speaking-focused Christmas activity or whatever else tickles your fancy.

After pre-teaching vocab and introducing the song, students work in pairs to fill in a shared lyric worksheet with blank spaces for certain words (see lyriccards pic). The actual lyrics must be cut into strips and and spread around the room beforehand by the teacher (see Walllyrics doc).

One student stays at the desk with the worksheet while the other finds the correct lyric from one strip of paper. He/she returns and tells the partner the correct lyric to write in the blank. Then the students switch roles and find another lyric. This should take between 3-6 mins depending on class ability.

Powerpoint Guide:

Slide 1 - Introduce Santa
Slide 2 - Pre-teach "mistletoe," "underneath the mistletoe" and "kissing"
Slide 3 - Students guess title of song based on picture
Slide 4 - Students listen to song and think about what lyrics are missing (can listen twice)
Slide 5/6 - Teach new words
Slide 7 - Play the song again let the students think about the missing lyrics
Slide 8 - Students do activity as described above and fill in their worksheets while the song plays
Slide 9 - Go through the lyrics and have students present their answers and read the sentences aloud
Slide 10 - Listen one more time (and sing along if you want!)
Slide 11 - Ask students how they think daddy might feel if he knew mommy was kissing Santa, and watch the video

- If you don't want to support Michael Jackson you'll have to find another version of the song -- which may have slightly different lyrics -- and adjust accordingly.
- Each line of lyrics has a matching letter but these are just to make it easier to keep the lyric lines straight.
- The video of the song is hidden behind the pictures on the slides because the video itself is a lyric video.
- The last video is pretty violent and profane, so you and your JTEs choice if you want to show it. Kids loved it though.

Have fun and Merry Christmas!





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Estimated time: 30 mins

Submitted by: barronator

November 28, 2019

UonumaRobert November 28, 2019

Great idea and well made but I'd definitely cut the robot chicken stuff before bringing it into any class other than adult ones. Lots of very unfamiliar vocabulary for JH students (always a problem with song activities). I'd put it on the worksheet and review it before doing the song. Maybe switch the order so the new vocab comes up before doing the song. I'm on the fence about using Michael Jackson songs myself. I still use him for my Halloween quiz but added a non-MJ option.

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