Can You Find the People Doing Things?

Students look through the textbook for people doing different activities and practice using the reduced relative clause.


This is a group quiz designed to have the students practice the reduced relative clause using the present participle. The students must listen to a hint by the ALT and then search their textbooks for the described pictures.


  • The students need their textbooks.
  • The teacher needs a list of hints and the page numbers to find them.


  1. The ALT says a hint for the students to find in their textbooks. (Ex: Can you find the man looking at three birds?)
  2. Students have one minute to search through their textbooks.
  3. They come to the ALT, show their textbooks, and point to the picture.
  4. If they found the correct picture their team gets a point.
  5. If any groups couldn't find the picture, tell them the page number, and show the image on an overhead projector if available.

Tips & Advice:

  • I like to start off by practicing with the whole class, even before making groups. Let everyone search through their textbooks for a couple of easy answers. Then one student can come to the front and show the ALT. Or, if you have an overhead projector, the students can show the class.
  • I use easy-to-find hints in the beginning, and mix in harder hints as time goes on. Easier hints include pictures from past lessons, while more difficult hints include random pictures from exercises or pictures in lessons the students have yet to study.
  • The students may open the book to the correct page, but having them point is a good idea (especially when there are multiple small images on the same page).

Sample Hints:

These hints are from the New Crown 3 textbook, but you can search through your textbook and make your own hints if you use a different textbook.

Can you find...

  • the man playing baseball? (p. 8)
  • the girl practicing judo? (p. 12)
  • the girl doing calligraphy? (p. 15)
  • the woman performing rakugo? (p. 23, etc)
  • the students visiting the Atomic Bomb Dome? (p. 38)
  • the girl making paper cranes? (p. 43)
  • the boy giving medicine to a dolphin? (p.50)
  • the girl showing a book that has pictures of houses in Asia? (p. 54)
  • the man cooking breakfast for Emma and Kumi? (p. 83)
  • the man standing on a windmill? (p. 106)
  • (and so on)

Total 3

Estimated time: 20 minutes

Submitted by: NagaokaMike

November 27, 2019

NagaokaMike February 05, 2020

Thanks, Jake & Robert. It can be expanded or reduced, depending on how much time you want to spend on it. I'm thinking about doing it for a warm-up activity for some JHS 1st year classes soon (to practice using ~ing).

Jake W December 05, 2019

This is a really clever idea! It's easy to explain. I made a worksheet for it, so I'll submit it and link it.

UonumaRobert November 29, 2019

Nice low prep and uses the book the students are all have in their desks.

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