Does/Doesn't Guess-who quiz

Students guess the identity of other students using "does" questions.

The goal of this activity is to practice "Does" questions.

First, you may want to demonstrate this activity with the JTE by playing it before passing out the papers. Choose another teacher at the school (or a famous person or someone else you or the students would know well) and give 2 or 3 hints about them. "He likes baseball. He plays the piano. He has short hair." The JTE can then ask you "Does" questions, which you can check by looking at the worksheet or going off of memory. "Does he like PE? Does he live in Higashi-machi? Does he have a dog?" They can make one guess, which you should make a point of writing down before you give them the final answer. That's right, it's Mr. Ozawa!

Next, pass out the paper to the students. Make sure you tell them to write their names down, as it's very important. Have the students circle anything in the "I like..." "I play..." and other sections that applies to them. So if they like PE, they should circle "PE." For the "live in" section, I write in the various parts of town that the students live in, but depending on your situation, you could use different cities, or even things like "an apartment" "a house" or something like that. I leave a few blank spots for students to write in their own answers, which I encourage them to do. Feel free to change some of the items to fit your situation. As I write this, Fortnite is the popular game of the moment, but that will probably change later.

Once the students have filled everything out, collect everyone's papers, shuffle them around, and re-distribute them among all of the students. Tell them that they can't say whose paper they have - it's a secret! They should think of 2 or 3 hints for the person on their worksheet, and then quiz each other about whose worksheet they have. The other student can ask "Does he..." or "Does she..." questions, but they only get one guess, which will be recorded on the worksheet. Play for as long as you need!


Does he she guessing game.docx

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Estimated time: 30 minutes

Submitted by: Jake W

October 15, 2018


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