What's An Animal Found in Japan?

Practice the "reduced relative clause" (ex: "an animal found in Japan") by quizzing your students.


The students practice the "reduced relative clause" in this whiteboard quiz. I have my students write the answers on a small whiteboard, but they could use sheets of A3 paper and water-based instead.


  • The teacher should prepare some whiteboards, pens, and erasers. Tissues may be used in lieu of erasers.


  1. Give the class an example. ("What is an animal found in Japan?")
  2. Show them the answer pattern. ("_____ is [an animal found in Japan].")
  3. Get some answers from the students. (a monkey, a fox, a bear, etc.)
  4. When the students understand what to do, break them into groups and have them push their desks together.
  5. Have one member come to the teacher to get a whiteboard, pen, and eraser.
  6. Start the quiz! Ask a question, give thinking time, then check the answer.

I give the students one point for a good answer, and keep track of each team's score on the blackboard.


  • I usually only give points for unique answers. For example, if one group answers "A bear..." and five groups answer "A monkey...", I give one point to the "bear" team but no points to the "monkey" teams. This helps to motivate them to think of interesting answers.

Tips & Advice:

  • For classes who are just starting to study this grammar point, I write the question on the blackboard. This helps them finish writing more quickly.
  • This activity is designed for students in the 3rd year of JHS, but it could also be adapted for use in HS.
  • This activity is for the "reduced relative clause", but it could be adapted for "relative pronouns".

Sample Questions:

  • What is a food loved by Japanese people?
  • What is an anime watched by me?
  • What is a sport liked by your teacher?
  • What is a tool used by Doraemon?
  • What is a drink drunk by me?
  • What is a story written by Natsume Soseki?

These are some questions I have used before. Feel free to make up your own questions.

Total 1

Estimated time: 20-30 minutes

Submitted by: NagaokaMike

November 22, 2019


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