Haunted House Making

A fun activity for practicing Halloween vocabulary.


Students practice Halloween vocabulary and collect small picture cards to paste onto their haunted house handout. It's fun for them to collect all of the items and decorate their handout. I designed the activity for use in my special needs classes, but it could also be adapted for use in elementary school.


Students will need glue and colored pencils or crayons. The teacher needs to print out the haunted house worksheet and cut out some Halloween pictures (bats, skulls, pumpkins, etc.).


  1. Practice the Halloween vocabulary words: witch, bat, skull, ghost, cat, spider, pumpkin. (I usually draw them on the board and have the students repeat after me.)
  2. Practice the phrase for getting picture cards. I recommend "Please give me ~." (Other phrases work, too: "Can I have ~?", "~, please!")
  3. Distribute the worksheets and let the students get out the materials they will need.
  4. Decide how many pictures each student can get, and let them begin.

Tips & Advice:

  • If the class is distracted easily, you may want to let them get out their materials after they have collected all of their small picture cards.
  • Pasting the pictures and coloring the haunted house can take a long time, so I usually use the whole lesson time.


Haunted House.docx

Total 1

Estimated time: 45-50 minutes

Submitted by: NagaokaMike

November 22, 2019


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